Holiday Switch

Holiday Switch

A week before Christmas, Paula finds herself struggling with bills and life with her blue-collar husband Gary and her two daughters. When Nick, her high school boyfriend returns to town, a wealthy art gallery owner, Paula wonders if she made the wrong decision when she took the wrong date to the prom. What would her life have been like if she stayed with Nick?

Paula and her family are struggling with bills a week before Christmas. She falls down a laundry chute which leads her to another life in which her husband is her wealthy ex-boyfriend. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robin T (au) wrote: I had low expectations but man was I wrong! Felt very real.

Tyson P (fr) wrote: The only part of the dead series i'd tell you to skip

Laura G (au) wrote: I wasn't too sure about this one.

Ian E (mx) wrote: Though it features the best cinematography and Robin Williams is effective as he can, The Final Cut's plot is too simple and underdeveloped, giving its viewers very little to chew on.

Sarah R (ru) wrote: Gtfo for all who said this was good. I was sincerly creeped out the majority of the time...

Christopher S (ag) wrote: One of Buscemi's finest moments as an actor comes as the brave Rock star dying of AIDS. But this isn't Philadelphia, this is just a brave struggle for a circle of friends in a time of fear.

Krista G (jp) wrote: brilliant. One of my favourite anthology-horrors

Skyler B (jp) wrote: The best musical about the Declaration ever filmed, and the only musical film I will ever endorse.

Matt T (gb) wrote: In play it again Sam, Woody Allen spews out so many great lines that it's nearly impossible to remember any of them. Here's one; he describes his fight with two big hairy bikers: "I snapped my chin down onto some guy's fist and hit another one on the knee with my nose".

Allan C (es) wrote: Solid little bit of sci-fi is exactly what the title states, transplanting Daniel Defoe's novel to Mars. Paul Mantee is marooned on Mars and has to first figure out food, water, shelter and air. Next he has to figure our how to deal with loneliness. A Friday figure later shows up and Mantee also has to deal with alien ships (recycled from War of the Worlds). Lightweight, but enjoyable. Adam West plays one of Mantee's cremates who dies in the ship crash.

Vincent P (ag) wrote: One completely batshit superhero origin tale. Were it trimmed of some of the filmmakers' attempts at making it more art-house type fare (read pretentious, unnecessary segments), it might be more easily comprehensible. It's not without its moments though. This is just a weird instance where I wish WB HAD stepped in and tinkered.That score by Morricone though: absolutely beautiful.