Hollow Man II

Hollow Man II

After the mysterious death of scientist, Dr. Devin Villiers, Det. Frank Turner and his partner are assigned to protect Villiers' colleague, who revealed that a veteran soldier was subjected to an experiment with the objective of creating the ultimate national security weapon... an undetectable soldier. The experiment failed – with disastrous side effects.

A Seattle detective and a biologist are on the run from a dangerous invisible assassin gone rogue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruby D (au) wrote: What the hell was the ending all about?!

Tiago M (gb) wrote: This one packs a punch to your heart!

Jason T (ag) wrote: not into half hour long rape scenes, that's not my bag. usually any movie that shows a woman's junk within the first five minutes is a thumbs up from me, but this one was all gross out and no substance. the only saving grace was that the effects were pretty rad (except for the transvestite weiner mutilation scene, i could have done without that, thank you).

Sherrill F (mx) wrote: Some "Stepford Wife" ladies told me they just didn't get it. Which is basically the best compliment it could receive. It's just real, authentic, sweet, true, and honest. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are wonderful in it, as is the story and the rest of the cast. Delightfully raw and quirky without trying hard. Love it.

Nicole W (au) wrote: It was okay. Just okay.

Marjeta M (au) wrote: The film was entertaining, but kind of failed to deliver the message. You're not supposed to eat fast food every day...

Peter P (ca) wrote: Pretty good acting, an ok story, but nothing blew me away or made this very memorable.

Michael F (nl) wrote: Painfully slow and directionless supernatural horror that mistakes poor pacing for atmosphere.

Ricky C (fr) wrote: A movie like life itself !

Joseph S (br) wrote: ??Jimmy: And this chicken is the Miss America of the 80s? Adrian: No, Jimmy. You are. [singing] Adrian: Here he is, Miss America... Designer: No. I think Margaret is Miss America. Photographer: I think it's Jimmy. Jack: You just say that because you're gay Designer's Assistant: Oh, he's not gay all the time! Photographer: I seriously think Jimmy is the new Miss America. He has all the mannerisms of a sex symbol. Jack: That's what we should call this! Make it a series. "The two Miss Americas." Photographer: Great idea! And we could end it with the two of them fucking! Margaret: He can't fuck. Jimmy: I can too fuck. I just can't fuck you.??The time is the 80??s. Everyone is either A. on cocaine, B. a rapist, or C. a model. Those who are class B and C. are also class A. Everyone is dressed like extras from ??Flash Gordon?? with more fish-net, and all the music comes out of a Casio. Two androgynous bi-sexual models named Adrian and Margaret, compete in the New York fashion underground for who is catyist bitch and the most stylish ass. Both characters are played surprisingly well by the same actress, to heighten both the androgyny of ??the scene?? at the time, and the repetition. Margaret is the main character, described by her male incarnation Adrian as ??...an uptight WASP cunt from Connecticut.??, who bookends the film, but being largely absent from it??s mushy middle. Amidst the usual backstabbing, shit talking, runway stomping, and sexual assaults (virtually the only kind of intercourse the film displays) visitors from beyond the stars have also taken an interest in the sordid little events. These aliens live in a tiny, largely invisible UFO, positioned on top of our heroines apartment where they can observe the events inside through a heavily pixilated color blur that resembles Chris Marker??s invented film style ??The Zone?? from ??Sans Soliel?? or the heat vision the Rasta-lizard of ??Predator?? views the world through. This psychedelic point of view, is repeated throughout the film, as the aliens are the most constant though silent narrators. Their interest in the Manhattan fashionista junky set comes from the same reason that so many are/were attracted to such places; the sex and the drugs. Human orgasm produces more chemical reactions in the brain than at any other time in life. The brain becomes the body??s dealer, and the body explodes, shivers, and shrivels back to down to size, patiently awaiting or screaming for it??s next fix. For tiny aliens the only drug in the universe better than our cum-chemical??s, are these fluids when they come from the opiate riddled brain of a junky. The later Dolph Lundgren action vehicle ??I Come In Peace?? would use a similar plot of alien??s hustling our brain stuff??s for interstellar kicks. Thus aliens begin turning up at the fringes of ??punk sub-culture?? where the junk-cum getting is good and no one cares if people go missing. ??New Wave?? models are the next evolutionary step forward (for one they have more money drugs). So the junkies wait around to score, and the aliens wait for the junkies to score with each other. Unfortunately there is no way for the aliens to extract these chemicals without killing those they take from, which to Margaret who is often being raped by whoever is spilling their seed, it??s as if God himself has suddenly taken an interest in her life. Not enough of an interest to stop her from being raped, but enough to make the bodies of the bad men (and women) disappear after they have done their business. It doesn??t take long before she realizes that sex with her leads to death. ??Margaret: I kill with my cunt.??. This new sexual power gives her both confidence (to get revenge on those who abused her), and a renewed sense of alienation (what little sexual release and connection she did have is now impossible). ??Campy?? is something of an understatement for describing ??Liquid Sky??, a film drenched head to dayglo toe in nihilist attitude, decadent fashion, disturbing sex, and surreal black humor. But also this campyness and seeming lack of ??content?? and seriousness, make enough room for the moments of scincere cultural insight and emotional pathos to stand out in ways that would seem truly alien in a John Waters or Dusan Makavejev flick (two filmmakers ??Liquid Sky?? is indebted to). Discussing fashion in one of the few polite conversations in the movie, with her willing lover and professor Owen: ??All your costumes are just participation in some kind of phoney theater. I'm only telling you this for your own good. It's a freak show.??Margaret: ??Oh, are you trying to say that your blue jeans weren't theater???Owen: ??It's not the same thing.?? Margaret: ??So your professor wore a three-piece suit and blamed you for your jeans. And your jeans were "too much." And he didn't understand that his suit was also a costume. You thought your jeans stood for love, freedom and sexual equality; we at least know that we're in costume.??The ending of the film once Adrian and Margaret??s feud has come to a literal and figurative ??head?? (couldn??t resist the pun?I??m a bad person) is also surprisingly and even unnecessarily sad and vulnerable than would be required of something this ??tasteless??. Imagine if at the end of ??Rocky Horror Picture Show?? Brad and Janet had a serious talk about their changing sexuality, or their stifling childhoods or something. And now imagine that scene being successful. There is an excellent transcription of this scene from the quotes on IMDB, and though I usually like to preserve such scenes for my readers, the hard-to-find status of ??Liquid Sky?? (and the fact that even as someone interested in this kind of thing I put off watching this movie for almost 5 years), I??ll go ahead and include it. Margaret??s lament:Margaret: ??You wanted to know where I'm from? I'm from Connecticut, Mayflower stock. I was taught that my prince would come, and he would be a lawyer, and I would have his children. And on the weekends we would barbecue. And all the other princes and their princesses would come, and they would say, "Delicious, delicious." Oh, how boring. [She turns off the light and begins applying fluorescent makeup]""So I was taught that I should come to New York, become an independent woman. And my prince would come, and he would be an agent, and he would get me a role, and I would make my living waiting on tables. I would wait - till thirty, till forty, till fifty. And I was taught that to be an actress, one should be fashionable, and to be fashionable is to be androgynous. And I am androgynous no less than David Bowie himself. And they call me beautiful, and I kill with my cunt. Isn't it fashionable? Come on, who's next? I'll take lessons. How to get into show business: be nice to your professor. Be nice to your agent. Be nice to your audience, be nice. How to be a woman: want them when I want you. How to be free and equal: fuck women instead of men, and you'll discover a whole kingdom of freedom. Men won't step on you anymore, women will. So come on, who's next? Who wants to teach me? Come on, teach me. Are you afraid? You're right, because they're all dead. All my teachers.?? The film does not represent a time and a place, but creates a feeling one that perhaps can only be understood after Margaret??s speech. What would it be like to come to New York in the 80??s from the suburbs. What would it be like to suddenly be surrounded by a never ending race for sensual pleasure and aesthetic perfection, where the tongues are either in your mouth or barbed, forked, and spitting venom at anything resembling ??sentimental??, or ??soft??. What would it be like to thrive in this environment? Would it feel like being food for alien creatures, or would it feel it like feeding them. In a world built around the sexual image, would sex feel liberating, or just like another way to be used. ??Liquid Sky?? is an absurd pagent(I haven??t even mentioned the spoken word poet lesbian drugdealer who plays the glorious no wave hit that never was ??Me And My Rhythm Box?? or the German scientist across the street), but one not based completely in irony, it??s cynicism is hard one from experience. Margaret??s inevitable ??falling in love?? with the UFO, feels like a tragic romance, not a shlocky b-movie. The movie contains both styles in the end, and finds a parasitic way of letting one feed the other to make both aspects stronger. Who is top and who is bottom in this scenario is up to debate. Margaret: ??Whether or not I like someone doesn't depend on what kind of genitals they have.????Liquid Sky?? is more of an ??attitude?? than a film, and I know how cheesy that sounds, but divorced from this attitude the performances fall flat. Devoid of the music the scenes would fall flat. Devoid of the humor the dialog would fall flat, and devoid of the dialog the film would fall flat. If any one part of this film were to be altered the rest would fall into chaos like a game of Jenga. As it is they all balance each other out in ??cult classic?? bliss, that may indeed be more style than substance. Of course Adriane might say something like ??substance is for ugly people who lack style??, and who would am I to argue. After all I am a young man from California and in Margaret??s own words; Margaret: ??You just wanna get laid. You'll say anything to get laid. Just like everyone else from California. What do you have, a cock for a brain, baby? Don't fuck with me, you asshole. Why don't you go fuck your father if he loves you so much???

JH K (de) wrote: Flojisimo fin de saga, mal dirigida, accin terrible y ms propio de un episodio televisivo que un nombre con tanto lustre.

Pablo R (nl) wrote: Genuine, a sanguinary priestess for sale in an Oriental slave-market, is bought by a queer old man, who jealously confines her in a sort of glass cage inaccessible to visitors. But Genuine manages to lure a young barber into cutting the old tyrant's throat, and then carries on as supervamp, ruining all the men available.

Jonny P (es) wrote: "Antarctica: A Year on Ice" is an informative documentary that explores the unseen mysteries of Antarctica and the people who live there. Using a series of interviews and stunning time-lapse photography, it follows a year in the life of the small international population that works on Antarctica (less than 700 people in the winter) and shows how they must adapt to the elements. It is hard to imagine going 4 months without seeing the sun or spending 4 months in constant daylight. Even more fascinating is the T3 Syndrome that alters brain function as the body assigns the T3 hormone to protecting different muscle groups from the extreme cold. It'll also make you sad as these workers encounter distressed wildlife but must let nature take its course. There are some great shots of penguins but even that part of the story has a sad twist. The biggest draw of this film is the compilation of time-lapse sequences, some of the most incredible that I have ever seen. Any one of these sequences could blow your mind and it is overwhelming to watch one after the other. I was particularly moved by the shot that follows the sun's rotation for an entire day as it never dips below the horizon and the movement of snow moving in the wind. I love the format of this film, starting at the beginning of summer with a large group of workers, showing their departure for 6 months while a few remain to endure the isolation of winter, and concluding as the summer crew arrives again. It makes it feel more like a story than an informational video and helps to give direction and meaning to the incredible visuals. "Antarctica: A Year on Ice" will open your eyes to the sacrifices made by the people who endure -120 degree temperatures with winds the speed of a Category 5 storm... and likely take away your desire to ever visit.

Jamie J (es) wrote: The picture quality on the blu ray is rather nice, which can't really be said so much of the other films. But when you have two hours of what can beat be described as bland, tedious blockbuster action does that really matter? It's like saying the Transformers films are redeemed by looks alone.The set up is bafflingly incoherent, things seem to conveniently happen even more than usual, but it isn't helped by weak direction and the main cast phoning it in with a gazed look on their eyes. Depp and Cruz in particular are woeful and only there for the pay cheque. Whateber shits Depp used to have for the character are gone now, the cheeky happy go lucky persona gone in favour of a weirdly intelligent, softly spoken and thoughtful Jack Sparrow. Ian mcshane was probably wondering what he did wrong in a previous life to even be there.

Robert L (ru) wrote: tarantulas are best spiders!!!

Pavan R (ag) wrote: Made for an interesting watch for a while but doesn't keep one too engrossed.Wonder if badly edited on directed. Interesting story to tell about his life and the life of the double but comes out shallow regarding both.

Bianca M (jp) wrote: I love this movie , even if I'm eleven , I watch almost every month and it gets me every time !