Hollow Point

Hollow Point

Livingston is trying to merge the Russians, Chinese and Italian gangsters into one group with huge amounts of money and power. FBI agent Susan and DEA agent Max are trying to stop them.

Livingston is trying to merge the Russians, Chinese and Italian gangsters into one group with huge amounts of money and power. FBI agent Susan and DEA agent Max are trying to stop them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becky F (fr) wrote: Available on Netflix instant, this movie was super cute, fairly short, and offered lots of perspective about the Beatles' early years, as well as an interesting account from one of the few in their inner circle who has never chosen to write a tell-all book.

Luis Diego C (ru) wrote: 6. De los peores guiones que he visto.

Carol R (br) wrote: Its funny but not hilarious!

Jenn T (fr) wrote: The set up for this movie was awesome, unfortunately it just didn't go anywhere aside from the lame gore that accompanied.

Ayman I (ca) wrote: best ghost movies ever

Matthew L (br) wrote: Impressive and courageous, particularly for its second segment that follows Shia radicals rounding up the alcohol sellers in their town market. But above all it is very beautiful. Then I watched the behind-the-scenes interview with the director. I've shot on the same camera as his, and it's clear to me that the raw footage was highly manipulate during colour grading to achieve the remarkable visual style of the film. Still impressive, but that layer of after-the-fact aesthetic artifice reduces the impact for me.

David B (es) wrote: I am not a big fan of Rand, but I am a big fan of Johansson from his years on the show "One Tree Hill". I agree with some of the broader concepts of what Rand believed in, but I have a lot of disagreements with her. The premise of the film is that all government regs are evil pulling man away from true prosperity, his real destiny, & destroying the capitalist system. The film is well acted but dry at the beginning. A lot of the film reminded me of an Ayn Rand lecture. The problem that I have with Rand is that a lot of her views do not hold up to public scrutiny. A lot of the reason the American economy is in the mess it is in is because of the financial deregulation pushed into being by Clinton & due to Globalized capitalism. Getting rid of the Glass-Stegall Act was one of the biggest blunders in American history. The tide of history is actually against Rand. Plus, there is also inconsistency in what she believed. If you live in her "world" a small amount people would control society like an absolute oligarchy. Which is what the US is turning into now. That elite group of people is similar to the elite that control socialist nations. Rand is misguided because 70% of the fortunes are inherited in the US. The upper 1 % controls 70 % of the nation's money. Big problem. Her definition of the "best people" is ridiculous. Being objectivist as Rand would put it: the film does bring up many good points of government over reaching. But many of the theories of the film are misguided. I do lean in a conservative direction on a marginal level, but this film is written for the radical Libertarian crowd of people. The film is entertaining & clever but not a great movie. A few points about Rand before I end this review. She was married to rich men her whole life. She also was not born in the US & makes assumptions about the American capitalist system that are not completely reality. As far as I read, she was on welfare late in life when her writing career went down the drain. She also supported voluntary taxation & no white collar crime laws. A good writer but a very misguided woman. But the film is worth seeing.

Marlene G (gb) wrote: Loved the action and arm and leg breaking!!!

David H (nl) wrote: At the start of the story, an unidentified representative of the movie steps out behind the curtains, breaks the fourth wall and gives a disclaimer, "If you don't understand this movie, it is not our fault. The only solution for you to do is to watch the movie over and over again." Taking heed of this advice, I watched the movie twice (back-to-back).Schizopolis (1996) is an experimental and non-linear film composed of three different segments. The story follows the life of Fletcher Munsen, an office drone and a dentist, Dr. Korchek both played by the director, writer, editor, cinematographer, Steven Soderbergh. One of the central themes in the movie is the lack of communication. The story elaborates on this theme in four ways. The first is seen in the first two minute of the movie when the man gives the viewers a disclaimer. Already, the man sets up the viewers to a predestined conclusion in which he assumes the viewers will not understand the movie the first time around Hence setting up the theme from the get go. The second example of the theme involves the characters talking with one another. When Fletcher Munsen comes home from work, he greets his wife by not saying what he wants to say, but describes what he intends to say. So for example, instead of the husband saying, Hello, he says:"Generic greeting."She in turn responds with, "Generic greeting returned"When Munsen inquires about dinner, he says, "Imminent sustenance?"And his wife shoots back with, "Overly dramatic statement regarding upcoming meal."The third example takes from the same scenario. The husband this time around greets his wife by speaking in a foreign language. Further emphasizing on the lack of communication between the disgruntled married couple. The final example is of Dr. Korchek sending one of his patients, "Attractive Woman Number 2", a lewd and very confessional love letter. Speaking on behalf of the dentist, Dr. Korchek's letter was more or less innocently written out of sheer passion. He was immediately consumed by her beauty and whereby he foolishly thought she would share his level of intensity. No, instead she filed a sexual harassment suit against him. The lack of communication is one of the most obvious themes in this movie. I know there is so much more layers that can be uncovered from the story, but because I did not completely understand the movie the second time around, I must do what the man had asked me to do from the beginning and watch the movie again until I fully understand.

Yasmin A (ru) wrote: The best movie that i've ever seen!

Glenn D (gb) wrote: The acting of Willis and Thornton are fenomenal in this movie. Mixed with a nice story and great comedy this movie is u must see for Moviefans

Scott A (us) wrote: Okay another down off my long time want to see list. This movie deserves four stars for Rosanna Arquette alone. She is crazy cute and adorable in this movie. And Madonna is not too shabby either.Add in they play my favorite Madonna song, Get Into The Groove, a few times.A young Will Patton is pretty good as the thug, and Metcalf always shines in whatever she does.Got a nice little mistaken identity plot, but I did feel the ending was a little too simple.

John L (jp) wrote: Very Excellent adaption of the song to a movie. Rape, Fights, and Drunken Preachers. Love and Promises.

Michael K (kr) wrote: This one features one of the many on screen partnerships between Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland.Still waiting for this one on DVD as well.

Private U (br) wrote: Definitely, this production was a mistake.

Kevin L (gb) wrote: Tom Jones, the adopted son of a British country squire, is a love-'em-and-leave-'em lady charmer who goes blithely from bed to bed, while managing to get into enough other mischief to come within moments of being hanged.

DeadHead m (ca) wrote: a nice 'n grity war movie.

Patrick M (nl) wrote: Not a huge Foxx fan but I enjoyed this show.