Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby

Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby

Taking place after, "I Yabba-Dabba Do. (1993) (TV)" the Flinstones and the Rubbles find out their children, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, are soon-to-become parents.

Taking place after, "I, Yabba Dabba Do," the Flinstones and the Rubbles find out their children, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, are soon-to-become parents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah H (ca) wrote: I got a ticket from AJ Rickert-Epstein and my film classmates joined the event in Columbus, OH. I have to admit, I was impressed. The music emphasized the scare factor 10 fold and the makeup/special effects were fantastic. As an aspiring special effects makeup artist, I paid attention to these details closely. My favorite aesthetically intriguing shot was the scene with the ribbons in the tree. The colors of the fabric just POPPED while the background remained subdued in almost sepia tones. It incited this surreal, mysterious, and nostalgic emotion from within me. One of the best camera angles of the film was the "rolling head" technique. Never seen that done before AJ ingeniously tried his hand at it. The back story of the family tradition and bonds was fascinating and I would have loved to have seen that extended. The actors had a burning chemistry that could have incinerated the movie screen before our very eyes...much intensity. The film was engaging and I flinched in my seat numerous times. I give Renae Geerlings, Tyler Mane, AJ Rickert-Epstein, Muse Watson, Derek Mears (he was terrifying), Leslie Easterbrook, and Alex Saxon major kudos for their hard work and skill. It's a provocative and incendiary team that I would join in a heartbeat.

Amy H (es) wrote: It started off witty and clever and then by 2/3 you are wondering what the hell is going on?!? It's ok, not great due to ending.

Nigel M (nl) wrote: Pretty dull from beginning to end with no major climaxes to finish the film off. The trailer suggested it would be haunting and mildly scary but it didn't live up to either. If I had watched it at home I would have fallen asleep.

Pavan R (gb) wrote: Fairly interesting political drama with some romantics twists..overall an interesting watch interspersed with politically inspired songs

Jenny C (kr) wrote: I would have loved this movie as a child, when I adored everything Garfield. the CG was well-done, the special effects good, Walter was adorable. The voices were irritating tho, the plot was tedious, and the lines seemed contrived even for a children's movie.

Dan M (it) wrote: disapointing given all the hype

Greg W (au) wrote: good com-dram from one of the best female directors working susan seidelman

Davis H (kr) wrote: Grat Cast... not so great story. Partial Fail.

Adam S (jp) wrote: It's a fairly rote sports drama, sticking to all of the cliches, as you might expect from a Disney drama, but Invincible has something imminently likeable about it.It might come from the simple, yet charming performances from major cast members Mark Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear and Elizabeth Banks. None are working at the top of their game, and yet they bring a charm to the picture that isn't easy to replicate.It could be the classic underdog story that got me. Or the killer 70's soundtrack (it's a well-established fact that 70's soundtracks are the best soundtracks). Or maybe it's just a case of Superbowl fever - rarely seen non-football fans based in the land of Australia, but you never know.Either way, I had fun. It was a nice film.

Corey S (mx) wrote: That was officially the most ludicrous, offensive, and straight-up horrible thing I have ever seen. I expected typical Troma insanity; I love "The Toxic Avenger" and such, but this crosses a line.

James D (kr) wrote: Good movie... we can still learn at any age

Marine M (kr) wrote: Do you what temptation is? no? Watch this film!

Derek R (it) wrote: this one is a must-see

Timothy F (us) wrote: i litterally laughed this entire movie, so it did entertain me but not in the way i think it was ment to.