The complicated life and controversial suicide of George Reeves is investigated by a fictional private detective who finds that there are reasons to suspect that Reeves may not have killed himself after all. The detective also finds that there is a little of George Reeves in himself, and maybe, each of us.

A detective examines the mysterious death of George Reeves, TV's Superman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shaun S (jp) wrote: was funny...could have been funnier but it was still good. on the happy gilmore rating id give it a 3

Aaron M (kr) wrote: This is a superb monster movie. It's scary, mysterious, menacing and looks amazing. The fact it's all filmed in a video camera style is not going to be to everyone's taste but I think it adds an extra edge to the movie and makes it a more authentic experience. Whilst the characters aren't totally interesting, and a little stereo typical you feel their terror and desperation to get to friends and to safety. I love how the creature was kept a secret before release, how it teases your imagination for its existence and is completely forced upon them out of the blue. The creature itself gets screen time progresively, leaving an air of mystery but you get more than a glimpse. There are some memorable moments in this movie and its one of my favourites to rewatch.

Nanci W (mx) wrote: The worst movie we have ever seen! Kept waiting for something to happen...the dialogue was awful...it was about nothing! Half the time ur saying to yourself "why in the world would they even put that sentence in the movie!" It is dreary, depressing, AWFUL!!! I can't imagine the actors reading this script and saying "oh, wow, I've got to do this movie!" Wow!

Hannah V (mx) wrote: Incredibly clever animation and backgrounds, beautiful score, and a pretty original plot with a lot of nice classic Sinbad monsters. Yeah, the dialogue is trying too hard to be modern and it dates it quickly. The CG is equally intrusive, but beyond that, this film added some unique contributions to the world of animation that makes it one of my favorite films to study. Eris is one of the funnest villains (and definitely the best interpretation of a god--sorry Hades) to watch. She demonstrates boundless creativity in every scene. I just rewatched this film. It's so good.

Alec W (nl) wrote: A little distracted by Rooster Prick scuzz chin on soft french lips, but hey it's about time I went through this series about human connection, moments, and space based conversation.

Sean G (fr) wrote: Great kids movie. It's a little dated, revolving around Atari games, but still good.

Daniel M (fr) wrote: Provided some good insight into the early lifestyle of Arnold's body building career. Some great and funny quotes came out of this movie too. 3/5

Amanda P (it) wrote: If you love Gray, you won't miss it, but you'll still be irked at Soderbergh needs to chop it up as much as he does. Still powerful and sad and funny, even if the majority of the footage is in terrible shape.

Bengel W (jp) wrote: Childs movie of the rich and poor rich girl that is told well with some very silly acting giving a rattle of giggles freely flowing. Photography is well placed highlighting the superb acting of moo. The simple fairytale story shows that wealth and riches do not make happiness as much as relationships. Finding the right home however can take a tad longer than one thinks. Nibbles: Strawberry Ice Cream.