Hologram Man

Hologram Man

Five years after the mad terrorist Norman Galagher was sentenced to holographic stasis, he is given a parole hearing. But an equipment failure engineered by his cronies transforms the criminal into a living hologram with god-like powers. Now, stopping him is up to Kurt Decoda, the man who as a police rookie was responsible for arresting Galagher.

Five years after the mad terrorist Norman Galagher was sentenced to holographic stasis, he is given a parole hearing. But an equipment failure engineered by his cronies transforms the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Augustine H (it) wrote: Although the manipulative love triangle may bore audience like me, the Aegean Sea and the score are both awesome.

Robert H (au) wrote: The Flu takes the concept of a thriller and amps things up tenfold! With many of the standard "contagion tropes you see time and again (for obvious reasons) and a level of melodrama you will likely only find in Korean films, The Flu may not be for everyone, but if you love big scope infection films and don't mind Korean melodrama, it will truly entertain.I really enjoyed the film and once I managed to get past my western film sensibilities and remembered I was watching a Korean film, the huge mood swings and out of place comedic moments no longer phased me. What I did find odd was the speed and efficiency of quarantine that this film seems to indicate would be possible. I kept thinking about what would happen here if something like that was attempted and know that the events in the film... could never work at home. Still, it makes for good watching :)

Beth M (mx) wrote: This is a coming of age romantic comedy based on the books that I thought were already hilarious. It's nice to see the character come to life and I think this film portrays the books perfectly. It's a real insight for tweens about what to expect with things like sex, boys, kissing and it's a nice little advice guide as well as being a really quirky and lovely love story. It's good that their sending a message across that you don't have to the most beautiful girl in the world to get a handsome guy and being just you is perfect enough and not to change. It's charming, cute and a must see.

David H (ca) wrote: Great movie! Hott women!

EJ s (de) wrote: It was ok but I would not request this movie to people who get grossed out by romance

Kevin G (fr) wrote: Man the pace of this movie was zigzaggingly grinding, if that makes any sense. I'm not sure if I can really give this a rating because I couldn't even finish it. The idea was ok and the acting was adequate. I was quickly bored to tears with the confusing pace of the movie.

Juan V (nl) wrote: buena pelcula...vista en la U...con Jen

Private U (kr) wrote: Long, but beautiful. The dancing is brilliant and story captivates.

Paul C (it) wrote: Tiresome sequel with Herbie plying his trade in South America affecting the lives of many arrounding him, particularly a very annoying little boy - well he annoyed me anyway!

Ilsa L (us) wrote: This supposed thriller is very disappointing and moves at snail's pace .It starts off very promisingly but soon gets bogged down and not even Michael Caine can rescue it. The cinematography is spectacular however and just as well because that's the only reason I could think of to recommend it.

Brian P (ru) wrote: Rip em!! What's that smell?!?! Dookie ?!! Well this movie is a classic with a ringside seat of dookie! The rule book thrown out the window! Wwf title is on the line in a movie! Said it isn't so mean gene!

Giovanni V (it) wrote: I loved so much the Maupassant's text and all the strenght of the French fierce resistance. "Our bell is silent": silent and non-violent resistance is just an ideal and the bell restart to ring only after one murder. I love the "Prussian Caress": a kiss with mouth full of smoke...

Mark W (gb) wrote: This was easily one of my least favourite Hammer experiences and considering some of the titles that's saying a lot! The film was slow, consistently boring and a clear cash in on the Dracula name to draw viewers in! The overall biggest problem was the lack of happenings within the film, because everything that actually happened could have been covered easily within half an hour.

Pavan v (fr) wrote: excellent movie. Tom cruise rocks

Daniel G (it) wrote: Magnolia is a movie that eventhough it's awfully long, it manages to stay interesting the whole time. I think it's the format, in which you get a little bit of different stories at times, which helps to not get tired of one. There's clearly a fast pace too. I was actually really considering this being the best PTA movie, until the frogs scene. I know PTA loves the symbols and deep meanings, but it just feels completely unnecessary up until that point. It doesn't really add up or change anything in the plot. It just takes you out of the movie and reminds you it's a movie.

Louise G (fr) wrote: The French just do these kind of things so well. Suspenseful and atmospheric and not quite what you expect.