Holy Daddy

Holy Daddy

Won-Tak's dad, an old-time con-man, was suddenly killed during a freak accident in the prison, just one day before his release. Having waited for so many years to be reconciled with his dad and to start a new life together, Won-Tak felt betrayed and vowed to ruin his own life and bring shame to his parents. However, unknown to him, Wong-Tak's dad has managed to strike a bargain with an angel to return to the living world as Won-Tak's new bestfriend...

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Holy Daddy torrent reviews

Patricia A (de) wrote: So bad. Terrible acting, story, editing. I am so glad Holly Holm only had a 20 second cameo. Hahaha... this movie makes about as much sense as having her the largest image on the poster.

Donald S (it) wrote: I tend to like movies about relationships but this one is just bad. I said, "Oh, gimme a break." too many times during this film.

Emi3 (es) wrote: I love this film! Festive feel and humour throughout!

Larry W (au) wrote: can't wait to see it!!!

daren y (kr) wrote: i like this movie too

Andrew D (jp) wrote: EPIC ACTING BY BIG B!

Tessie P (kr) wrote: It's like a circus and gore version of Psycho. Beyond weird.

Gerard R (it) wrote: My wife "made me watch it" but I enjoyed it. 3 1/2 stars

Stella D (us) wrote: attack of the giant crystals! heroic geologists, your time has come! interesting idea and not a bad film for a rainy sunday afternoon

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Typical Liam action flick but watchable.

Abdulmalik A (jp) wrote: Noisy claptrap devoid of all that is good about cinema.

Kara F (jp) wrote: This film had such potential from what I can remember, but all I can remember is Belle's character doing a lot of running.