Holy Ghost People

Holy Ghost People

On the trail of her missing sister, Charlotte enlists the help of Wayne, an ex-Marine and alcoholic, to infiltrate the Church of One Accord - a community of snake-handlers who risk their lives seeking salvation in the Holy Ghost.

After the younger sister Liz is missing in Appalachian mountain, Charlotte enlists the help of Wayne to find the trace of Liz. The search leads them to a church. The cardinal is Billy with the mysterious tenet: Snakes are worship of cult, the savior of believers. Wayne penetrates the church, exposes the deceit of Billy, saves Liz out of Billy’s hand. He is attacked by fanatic believers and by the vengeance of the cardinal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra D (ca) wrote: Great movie. I love it.

Anthony P (it) wrote: Believably underrated, this film shows the fight of a family man whom is being taken advantage of and someone else is becoming recognized as a genius when it should be him. He never stops trying to take down the people who had crossed him and cost him more then he ever wanted in the first place.

WS W (fr) wrote: < Tony Takitani > is said to be the best one from numerous Haruki Murakami's novel-to-movie adaptations by far. So it said. But Jun Ichikawa did successfully deliver the story of Tony Takitani's lonely & boring life by a very boring narrative.

Jason E (it) wrote: my bladder was full, but I could not leave the cinema, I think I enjoyed the film though

Angelia H (jp) wrote: I really loved this movie and have watched it no less than 5 times. The ideas it extends seem to play on my mind well after it is over but my paranoia regarding technology runs deep, so it is no wonder it has such an impact. I do highly recommend you check it out if you haven't seen it. From the dark, cold, somewhat claustrophobic setting to the quirky yet not too over the top characters, this is a very rewarding film experience for lovers of sci-fi.

Angela F (de) wrote: Lo consiglio vivamente a tutti. :)

Adonis D (us) wrote: One of the worst films I've ever seen. I highly recommend it.

A A (ca) wrote: Love triangle with emotional depth that only the French seem able to capture. Unbelievable performances (I mean that in a good way) in this dissection of friendship, desire and emotional detachment.

Daniel H (es) wrote: Set amidst the then-topical migrant workers' plight in California in the 1970's, Bronson does himself justice in one of his tough guy roles as the eponymous melon grower forced to take on a mobster hitman and a local boss who tries to force him to employ a group of winos to pick his melons rather than the migrants he chooses. Not bad actioner, with Linda Cristal lending strong support as a migrant with a background in labour union activism.

Keiko A (au) wrote: Every American should see this??? Not exactly a "humanitarian masterpiece" as someone else said (yeah right!). More like cryptic super-exploitation. This is wildly, hilariously, rollickingly misguided pseudo-history at best. Outright race-baiting at worst. Made by the sleazoids who barfed up "Africa Addios" (giving Africans their own country back so soon just wasn't the right idea, was it!!), a film that featured the genuinely bizarre white South African girls on trampolines montage. A fervent call-to-arms for African-Americans made by white Europeans must inherently ring false, I am afraid. (we enslaved you. kill us!) Manages to be both numbing and completely, hideously insulting at the same time. The film is, under its very "SO racist it isn't being racist" exterior a sly work of racism. Presents blacks as nothing more than animals and savages, capable only of violence or submission to the will of whites. All the while remaining mute and mindless. No African-American in the film is presented as having a personality, substance, or intelligence. Every white all but glows. Every caucasian is a verbose, mercurial, immaculate sprite. That said, the film does (I would assume) approximate the way Africans were treated during the slave era more closely than other films. In that respect it deserves respect. The conditions are shown as filthy, disgusting, cruel. Every imaginable indignity is portrayed (and some you probably could not imagine). However, the film does have some power. The camera work is very inventive and the directors handle some of the chaotic scenes around the plantation very well. Some of the imagery is genuinely striking. There's a general feeling of chaos that comes through that's very effective. I'm not sure what the point is. But it's effective. Anyway, see the movie if you really want to be grossed out and insulted. File this one under SUPER exploitation. The directors may have had good intentions when they started out, but I think they just lost it when they got onto the set and decided to see how far out they could go. And no one, it seemed, was around to tell them to tone it down or put on the breaks. This is up there with Cannibal Holocaust and Men Behind the Sun. It's that sort of a deal. But don't kid yourselves, this AIN'T no humanitarian masterpiece.

Aaron G (kr) wrote: Even though the sequel turned everyone against this franchise, it doesn't make the original film any less good. Five stars all around.

Elijah L (ag) wrote: Although (embarrassingly enough to admit) somewhat entertaining, Grown Ups does not qualify as a comedy film. The only thing about Grown Ups which is even remotely reminiscent of comedy is how laughably bad it is.

Stephen B (nl) wrote: No seriously ?? Why ???Well.. pure fiction that couldn't be any real. I may have think about the end. It is the "why". Just a riddle.

Jay R (it) wrote: I liked how this movie went from dark and depressing to bright and colorful all with a background of complete white....

Elton G (us) wrote: There isn't a flaw I can find in this film. It takes the best of the first two, finds the problems (such as some drag in the length), solves them and sleeks the result into a near-perfect film.

Marcus G (au) wrote: Certainly an epic movie but if ever a film was saved from just being another western, it was this one. Its presentation in Cinerama has kept it up there as a grand epic, showcasing both western American as well as the all but failed technology of which it was filmed. Great score, stellar cast, though unnecessarily so, and stunning visuals make this a must see, at least once. The story on the other hand is nothing more that a vehicle for the all the above... BLU RAY The "Smilebox" version of the film, which simulates the screen's curvature was first rate and along with the brilliant quality of the transfer, minus the vertical lines, and the crisp clear sound makes this a pleasure to watch.

Dylan D (kr) wrote: The Brothers Grimsby pushes all sorts of boundaries. It actually hits on most but goes too far on a couple. Outside of about five minutes of practically vomit inducing depravity, the movie proves quite funny in its quest to put a different spin on the buddy Action/Comedy genre. The cast is good and the script sharp, again save for a couple of over-the-top scenes.