Holy Matrimony

Holy Matrimony

A young Hutterite boy must marry his late brother's wife who comes from outside the community.

A young Hutterite boy must marry his late brother's wife who comes from outside the community. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin P (ru) wrote: Decent family dramaedy. Andy Garcia's truly captivating in the centre of his dysfunctional family on City Island (turns out it IS a real island off the Bronx!). Shows how important the truth is - not sure why it was so hard for everyone to stop lying to each other... Good, likeable cast, great ending.

Bethany G (es) wrote: Decent thriller. Anna Kendrick always gives a great performance.

Brandon M (jp) wrote: While a minor script polish and better effects could have helped, Wind Chill is a true hidden gem. A horror film that is about characters, personalities, pasts, and relationships instead of violence and ridiculous deaths. One of the unsung horror films of the 21st century.

Jay C (mx) wrote: Richard Porenneke is the McGiver of the woods! Porenneke is very innovative and astonishing at times with his precision in craftsmanship in constructing his home in the woods of Alaska. The film is great to watch out of sheer curiosity to see what Proenneke will do in creating his humble abode. The film is not very exciting, but one cannot help to admire watching Proenneke's abilities.

Dennis A (fr) wrote: Nothing compares to the dry slow magic of Closely Observed Trains, or perhaps nothing compared with its effect on first watching amidst a sea of lesser films when it came out. This is a worthy follow-up from the same mind, cast across a long timespan and with colour and a delicious wickedness which was not open to the director when he was younger and in those times. Czech films are not simple, Czech minds are not simple, this is a crowning example of Czech humour, dark and light in the same moments..

Jamie C (de) wrote: Good film really funny in places, Very silly though, Does a good job at mocking the films it was meant to.

Sasy N (ru) wrote: [Re-Watch] Vor Jahren hab ich den Film ein paar Mal geguckt, aber an wirklich viel konnte ich mich eigentlich nicht erinnern. Darum bin ich ganz erstaunt, wie gut mir der film dieses Mal gefallen hat. Die Story ist spannend und Alan Rickman groartig.

Alex W (jp) wrote: same deal as the 1st one, better design/style/animation. kewl story. nice mech design. (i think eve online stole some of their designs from this...) ages badly

Martin O (gb) wrote: Enjoyable, pretty tense at times

Daniel K (jp) wrote: 3: I think I'd rather be friends with Peter Bogdanovich than just about anyone else alive. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to take a film class with him as well. One could easily make the argument that he knows more about filmmaking/film history than anyone else alive today. The scarves are pretty classic as well. He's found his look and stuck with it. They is a wonderful, modest, and thoroughly entertaining picture. I suspect it may improve with additional viewings. It isn't my favorite picture his (What's Up Doc, Paper Moon, and The Last Picture Show are all superior), but it is in the top 5. The lack of dialogue and incredibly slow pace at which the plot and all its intricacies are revealed is wonderfully refreshing. Despite the fact one feels as if they're missing something and progressing through the film in a slightly confused manner, it is still completely engrossing. One simply accepts that the rest of the story will come out in time and in the mean time trying to figure out and enjoying the characters is more than enough. Just as all of his work is, this picture is wonderfully old-fashioned. This is a high 3.

Nathan R (es) wrote: Surprising depth and performances all around, especially that of Carrell who stretches his range here. The plot is nothing new but the script is still inventive enough to accentuate its characters and provide a fresh feel.