With aerial footage from 54 countries, Home is a depiction of how the Earth's problems are all interlinked.

With aerial footage from fifty-four countries, 'Home' is a depiction of how Earth's problems are all interlinked. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael L (br) wrote: Well acted, beautifully directed to put you right in the moment, but very thin on story and rehashes the water landing too many times.

Ariua k (ru) wrote: Let me start by saying is that I liked Avatar and I thought it was a really amazing movie with such an original story but no. Avatar was based on two movies that I just found out about Dance with Wolves and an exploitation film called Man from Deep River. And in this movie you can so see what avatar stole in story of course. But for being such a graphic and gruesome movie it's so sad to see a man like this and what he has become. And the ending of course was like Avatar. John Barley is a British photographer in Thailand to cover sport matches and events like those. But he hates what he is doing and he wants to get out into the jungles and see something amazing and photograph that. So his girlfriend leaves him and heads home leaving John here but he gets into a fight with a mobster and he flees into the jungle to hide. And of course he is also doing it to photograph the wild but not long down the river he is captured by natives. Then if you have seen Avatar you know what happens. Let me start by saying Ivan Rassimov is incredible at his performance to me it's flawless. Same goes for the others considering there they don't speak English and subtitles are always needed. You know those scenes in Avatar with all the fantastic scenery well that came from this, there is a scene were John and the native girl are looking across a valley and see all those amazing landscapes. Man from Deep River indeed gets gruesome and extremely violent and that is what I hated, first we see all this amazing stuff and then some native gets his thong cut out spewing out blood every where. And I think that torture scene with John went on a bit too long. And of the plus side the film has all this fantastic scenery, costumes that they were (Look close enough and you will be able to tell that what Jake were is what John wares.) All the sets are magnificent and just really about everything. And this movie also has Mr. Umberto Lenzi's famous trademark Whisky. And what I mean by that is nearly every scene in all of his movies that have Whisky there for example. Paranoia: "Anyone know where the whisky is I feel like I am talking to myself" Man from Deep River: "God dam it John I am sick of drinking this F***ing S**t" (And she throws the bottle at him) Eaten Alive: "Look I admit Whisky is my passion but I didn't bring any" Cannibal Ferox: "Did you bring the Whisky I am thirsty"-"Okay where stuck so just grave what we can and the whisky" (Smash a few of the bottles hit the ground) And I come to a close don't see Avatar see this first then that.

Jesse O (au) wrote: You know that this movie's budget was only $10,000. I don't wanna say that that is necessarily impressive, considering the fact that you can notice, at least from the film's look and cinematography, that that aspect didn't cost a lot of money to produce. But it's still impressive what this movie managed to achieve with only a fraction of a fraction of what it takes to produce a real high quality horror movie these days. And this really isn't what I would call a conventional horror movie, it definitely wears its influences on its sleeves, but it's more of an old-school ghost story that shares some more psychological themes. When I say old-school ghost story, however, I must say that there's a twist in that the movie looks at Emily's journey to the 'other side', as it were, through the help of this medium that was hired by the family currently residing in Emily's former house. It's not necessarily the most unique of ideas, since The Others' big reveal was that the entire family were actually ghosts. But you're aware, fairly early on, that Emily is indeed the ghost. And I thought that opened up a lot of possibilities to tell a really interesting story. For the most part, they do manage to tell an interesting story and have intriguing conversations about Emily's current state, her past, the afterlife, etc, etc. Splice this with surreal imagery/memories from Emily's life and it's a movie that definitely has a lot to offer from a narrative standpoint. The movie, however, isn't without its flaws. This barely runs 71 minutes, 75 with credits, and even then I think the movie tries to pad itself out to make it longer than it probably should have been. There are elements of the movie that it's very similar to Groundhog Day, in that Emily relives the same memories every day. About over half of the first film is this repetition, over and over and over again. And I get the reasoning behind it, Emily hasn't taken the steps she needs to take in order to allow herself to move on. So before she gets to that point, she keeps reliving the same memories with no knowledge of the fact that this keeps happening. I get that, for sure, but it just got to the point that I felt it was time to move on with the narrative. It got a little tedious, let us say. And I really do feel that is the main theme that keeps the movie from getting a higher rating. Because everything outside of the Groundhog Day elements is actually really good. There's also some moments in the last act, when it's revealed that for Emily to go to the other side, she needs to restore both of the souls she released when she died. You see, Emily had multiple personalities and one of those personalities was a murderous maniac. Emily actually killed herself during one of these moments when her personality switched. So, in essence, she released two souls, hers and the murderer, instead of one and that's why she wasn't able to cross over. It's actually a really freaking clever little deal. Anyway, this is when the horror really 'kicks in', as it were, and there some scenes that don't look great. I don't wanna say laughable, because they weren't, but they could have been executed much, much better than they were. It is what it is. Anyway, the acting is strong as well. Anna Ishida is real good in her role. There's no one else to rave about really, because the only other actress featured in the film, the medium, you only get to hear her voice. And her role doesn't really require as much, but she's fine regardless. With that said, this movie is certainly not perfect, but it's proof that you can make a good movie with interesting themes with a very minuscule budget. It's definitely not gonna be everybody's cup of tea, but I enjoyed the movie and that's all that matters.

Dave R (kr) wrote: Well here's another one for ya sharks that can swim in sand wow what will they think of next I tell ya it was a B movie all the way of course

Walter M (it) wrote: In "Mademoiselle Chambon," Jean(Vincent Lindon) is a construction worker in a small town in France. When his wife Anne-Marie(Aure Atika) injures her back at work, he steps up to the plate, picking up their son Jeremy(Arthur Le Houerou) at school where he meets his teacher Veronique(Sandrine Kiberlain). She invites him to talk about his job in front of the class which turns out well and then asks him to fix the window in her apartment. "Mademoiselle Chambon" is a very lovely and sublime movie that handles the central relationship in a very natural way. Both characters carefully follow the small town rules for etiquette, being careful in each awkward step. All along the way, emotions are not so much articulated as expressed. And that's very believable for two people who have had their ambitions thwarted through life. On the surface, Jean might seem to be living a very happy life with a good job and loving family. However, he followed his father(Jean-Marc Thibault), who at 80 he takes care of with all of his sisters living elsewhere, into the family business without thinking about doing anything else with his life. Veronique awakens long dormant feelings of dissatisfaction in him. Her first passion is playing the violin which at some point she was either told that she was not quite good enough or could never make enough money at, so lacking encouragement, she fell back on the life of being an itinerant teacher. This is something that she is quite good at but there is also something missing from her life.

Criss T (nl) wrote: This film's story really showed the line between cheating n passion.

Michael S (jp) wrote: Choking Hazard is the best Czech Existentialist Zombie movie I have ever seen. I saw it at 2007's Zompire Festival in Portland, and immediately sought out a copy on DVD for my very own.

Spencer H (au) wrote: Meet the Robinsons is fine for kids, but I simply just don't like it.

Cody L (ca) wrote: good thriller with some great twists and turns.

Arash B (de) wrote: I expected more from Ken Loach plus I didn't like the ending

Jade G (au) wrote: By far one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It lacked suspense and wasn't even the slightest bit scary. Boring from beginning to end.

Cory R (jp) wrote: For a B-movie, this is surely a classic. It was even nominated for a academy award for a screenplay. That is extremely rare for a b-movie script. This is unbelievably cheesy in some parts but overall a good movie.

Laurence P (ag) wrote: The only reason to watch this film is because of a performance from early on in Steve McQueen's acting career. Other than that there is no reason to watch this war movie. Frank Sinatra is terrible as the lead, the plot is thin and the ending is anti-climactic.

Erika M (us) wrote: So beautiful, I love Lana Turner!

Takee A (es) wrote: Very entertaining! This was a brilliant movie which had some really good messages and a deep level of emotions & Feelings to offer to it's audience."Cars" may be 11 years old as of 2017, but it's still an enjoyable & worthwhile watch.

Justin A (it) wrote: It's not quite as good as The Hidden, but still a really entertaining sci-fi cop movie with tons of action.

Caesar M (ag) wrote: If The Raid Redemption set the high standard for Indonesian action films then Java Heat sets the low standard. It fails in nearly every area fundamental for an action movie to work.Java Heat story centers on the aftermath of a suicide bombing in Indonesia, where a reckless American posing as a grad student is bent on vengeance but quickly finds that the world's problems can't be solved with violence alone. Now the plot is serviceable, but the characters we're meant to follow are not. Our hero Jake is a FBI/Teaching Assistant/Marine/Spy/Cop is inept in what he does. Jake is a not good cop since he never uses his brain when trying to find a missing person. Despite being an FBI he knows nothing on the criminal world or how it operates. You'll wonder how Jake ever got into the Marines since he doesn't know how to react in combat either. The plot might have been cliched and convoluted to attempt to be smart, but at least it had some promising ideas. The hero was not one of them dragging the film down with him.Jake Islamic partner Hashim is the exact opposite. For some reason the writers felt having an Islamic protagonist was not the way to and instead made him a sidekick. This works against the film since the sidekick has is more interesting, has more to lose, and knows what he's doing. Hashim is not that bad of a character, but the writers over shadow this with no idea on how law enforcement works. The police are given a poor representation as they do nothing to clean up the streets. The police even go as far as broadcast their raid of a criminal home live on TV and post it on the internet. Religious sensitivity is something this film is not familiar with. In order to get across our villain is evil just keep reminding the audience he's Islamic. I'm not an expert on the Islamic religion, but I'll doubt this is how they would like to be portrayed. One character in particular is a henchman of the villain and despite disagreeing with him on nearly everything he's order to do the henchman continues working for the villain because he's Islamic.The acting is equally as bad as our protagonist. Our lead actor is Kellan Lutz or to be more accurate second rate Channing Tatum. Lutz has the muscle and looks, but none of the appeal. Lutz is consistently stiff in his line delivery, robotic in his movement, and his chemistry with the actors is nonexistent. When it comes to Lutz going into action mode he's below Winnie the Pooh when it comes to striking fear. Even the director knows this attempting to insert epic music to make him appear tough. Mickey (I'm here for the paycheck) Rourke phones it in as the villain and only has around five minute of screen time at most. Mickey Rourke phoning acting is still above our lead acting. Ario Bayu is believable in his role. Unlike the lead he actually gives an emotion. The Muslims actors were unconvincing. They clearly had trouble with English and despite fairing better in their native language the filmmakers desire to film this in English backfires for them. The action scenes were low budget and poorly staged. Gunfights are too simple to generate excitement and the fight scenes are badly performed. None the punches feel rough and the actors execution is more comedic than exhilarating.Java Heat contains the genre lamest action hero and most inept FBI/Teaching Assistant/Marine/Spy/Cop to date. Java Heat is watchable in a sense it had some good ideas that could have benefited the film, but not in a sense you'll want to stick around before the end credits roll up.

Timm S (it) wrote: Ohh Boy!! What An Image Problem We Have Here..A 'Muscian' Who Insists It's "All About The Music", But Yet Every Tune Is The Absolute (Lyrical) Cliche Of The Genre, Be It Rap, Pop, Love Song. Lame-Ass Rap..Even Ellen Makes Fun Of The 'Boyfriend' Track. And Then He Insists, "I Want To Be Taken Seriously", While He Tries To Grow A Lame-Ass Mo, Or Works On His Try-Hard Tough Guy Image. I Guess, Most Parents Would Prefer Their Hysterical Daughters To Follow Justin Over Eninem, 50 Cent Snoop Dogg Or Kendrick Lamar. I Was Left Thinking, Imma Party Like It's 3012 Tonight?? Seriously?? Who Are U Tryin' 2B? Prince? Jackson? Usher? Timberlake? ...Meh. Forget It.

Shaun H (au) wrote: Wow! Ellen Burstyn was robbed of the Oscar! Most amazing performance I have ever seen! This is the best work Jennifer Connelly has done. Leto and Wayans are equally good! This movie is a touching and terrifying look at how drugs can take over lives and how quickly can destroy them. This is a rollercoaster ride with a knockout ending. Hang on to your seats.

Thomas P (gb) wrote: Heartfelt performances with a limited depth, its a story based on true events of a surfer travelling the world, searching for his own souls peace, and of the family supporting him thru his adventure.Decently filmed surf montages support the thoughtful tone of the film. Lovingly directed, the story is an adventure but becomes more of a journey of self discovery, and finding ones own faith.Above all else, I fully enjoyed Cheryl Ladd as the praying mother over the cool yet unambiguous surfer dude son in Scott Eastwood. Surprisingly honest portrayals by the main characters, but some scenes are undone by the minor players, a common foible of low budget films with inexperienced, unskilled actors.I did like finding out in the DVD extras that this story is based on the testimony of a pastor. This detail helped me enjoy this film a full star more - Reality allows for gaps in the story and gives credence to coincidence - bc reality is Often stranger than fiction. It is otherwise a bit clumsy as a fictional script, despite the grounded family drama.All included, this is an enjoyable, refreshing effort. The diary of a surfer with enough depth to satisfy tv and cable audiences, but maybe not quite strong enough for the bigger screen. Great for an afternoon or evening together with the family and especially good for a date - compelling story, solid lead performances, and no language or offensive material. Also dont forget the A+ DVD extras, as long as your date enjoyed the movie..lol3.5 surf-worthy waves out of 5