Home Front

Home Front

For a wounded American soldier returning home from Iraq, the conflict has just begun. "Home Front" captures the human story of what happens when Sergeant Jeremy Feldbusch returns to civilian life in his small hometown, as he readjusts to family, community --and most importantly, his new, altered self. On another level, the film is also about Jeremy's family, and how they cope with events that have forever changed them. By turns heartbreaking and inspiring, "Home Front" gets behind the often-sanitized myth of war to reveal its true complications and costs.

For a wounded American soldier returning home from Iraq, the conflict has just begun. "Home Front" captures the human story of what happens when Sergeant Jeremy Feldbusch returns to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim S (ca) wrote: Fantastic Spaghetti Western from the East.

Said O (jp) wrote: Loved it. Specialy the bit with Mr Cooper and Mrs Writ-Penn.

Tricia J (us) wrote: I enjoyed this one too and it had great fighting scenes. Love that yo-yo too.

Joseph R (mx) wrote: Better than "The King of Kong", just had to get that out of the way first. Ghosts takes an honest look at the video game craze of the early 80's and the nerdy assholes who wasted all their time in arcades. Fascinating, thorough, and somewhat depressing, Ghosts stands out as being a much more comprehensive look at gaming in the 80's than Kong could ever hope to be.

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MEC r (br) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Kyle M (ag) wrote: When Martin Lawrence was trying to redeem himself after his behavior during the first half, the comedy gets better right away as the second half starts. Director Dennis Dugan's take on the buddy cop genre resulted in being not bright in almost every turns, sort of like his films' similar treatments. (B)

Efrain G (au) wrote: Amazing story! I cried like a baby at some parts but I smiled mostly =)

Paulina K (jp) wrote: And now you be faithless ... :)

Justin T (fr) wrote: Really a ridiculous premise and over complicated. One of those so bad it's good films.

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