Home Run

Home Run

A pro ball player with a substance abuse problem is forced into rehab in his hometown, finding new hope when he gets honest about his checkered past, and takes on coaching duties for a misfit Little League team

An alcoholic ballplayer (Scott Elrod) has to return to his hometown to enter a rehab program, there he finds new hope when he gets honest about his checkered past, and takes on coaching duties for a misfit Little League team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason T (au) wrote: Dolphin tale has lots of heart and some good cinematography. Great for the whole family. Don't expect any surprises though and the "feel good" nature is really heavy handed to you. A few unnecessary scenes as well.

Lisa W (it) wrote: I've seen it before, but even this time I laughed so hard my mouth and jaw ached by the end.

Khosro S (jp) wrote: absolutely loved this one.

ld p (nl) wrote: Second Round. I rate this film higher than some of the other reviewers. I like the movie a lot. Dario Grandinetti is my favorite new movie idol. I have been watching all his movies. He is such a powerful presence. He speaks such forceful grammatical good Spanish!! I am surprised he is not a greater star than he is. this is a small interesting drama. The dialogue is good and makes the film work and seem real. Its a good story Good ending. So much better than the American heist or bank robbery films. I wish he had made the color balance higher in the movie. It is kind of bleak and dark. I am sure that was intentional. You can read about the plot more in some other reviews but I like the path this film took with the Bank Robber Vidal and the young Boxer Angel. Its not what you think. I wont do a spoiler here. anyway if you like Spain , Madrid, and Spanish movies (and Dario Grandinetti!!) Watch this film. three or four stars. I click on four.!

Nguyen Thuy H (nl) wrote: "Is this some sort of satire?", one must ask. Desplechin's film resists every chance to shed light on its character, but instead relies on ridiculous "star-was-born" myths to sustain the story. This audience laughs, feels amused, not knowing if this is an ode to acting myth, a parody of period pieces, or if it's (also very likely) an extrapolation of class struggle. Admittedly, Desplechin must be a study of Jacques Rivette, but Rivette was interested in sincerity, while Desplechin was not.

Darryl S (jp) wrote: Brilliant and electrifying! Kathleen Turner is a hurricane of sexuality...!!! Anthony Perkins is (a bit sadly) in his old maniacal craziness when he's on, but perfectly in-tuned with Ken Russell's wild pitch. John Laughlin is quite the looker himself.... ;)

Camille L (it) wrote: Sylvester Stallone s'associe avec Dolly Parton dans Rhinestone, une comdie burlesque romantico-musicale, o celui-ci doit devenir un chanteur de country en deux semaines. Autant le synopsis peut paratre ridicule, autant Rhinestone parvient s'en sortir car le film de Bob Clark ne se prend jamais au srieux et garde une bonne humeur communicative tout du long (grce aux deux acteurs principaux, mention spciale Stallone qui livre une performance que Nicolas Cage n'aurait pas reni et Ron Liebman qui est excellent en tenancier de bar aux dents longues) qui le sauve parfois quand il tombe dans la btise la plus effarante. Rhinestone possde aussi quelques bons morceaux de musique, composs par Dolly Parton, la moindre des choses pour une comdie musicale.

Eric J (au) wrote: What a surpising film. The score, although dated was thought-provoking and fitting of the overall tone. The Interment Camp subject matter is handled a little lighter than in most films about that topic, and Ryuichi Sakamoto is FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC as the sexually confused antagonist (antihero?) Takeshi too runs away as another excellent antihero. Iconic

Randy T (us) wrote: WWII through the eyes of an average, somewhat inept British foot soldier. Director Stuart Cooper effectively interlaces real war footage with scenes of the infantryman's more mundane daily routines. We get to know the character by vicariously sharing his hardship and even witnessing his frequent daydreams. Though released in 1975, this has an even older feel to it. A nice combination of post-war sensibility anchored deep in 1944's harsh reality. Definitely a film that warrants more discussion and deserves much more recognition.

Beth P (es) wrote: The pace is slow, the music is funky, the speeches are powerful, the plot premise is fertile for political discussion, and you don't want to step outside with Lawrence Cook, because he will kick your ass. But the sound editing is really awful. I wonder if they would ever remake a movie like this one . . .

Jackson S (us) wrote: A stylish, off-kilter movie brimming with atmosphere and great characters. Should be viewed multiple times.

Chris M (kr) wrote: Not one of the better "B" movies I've seen but it had it's moments.

Miguel R (au) wrote: A decent effort to bring the story of The Phantom of the Opera to the screen, but failed in terms of directing, writing, and adapting

Janie P (ru) wrote: My favorite 'WWI war' movie...who doesn't love Gary Cooper?

Jenna G (br) wrote: On Golden Pond could be watched just for the performances alone, but the movie itself is heartfelt and deals with many issues in a charming and realistic way. Just seeing Henry Fonda and daughter Jane on screen together is beautiful, especially since their real life relationship was similar to the father-daughter relationship their characters had. Not to mention, Katherine Hepburn. A wonderful film.

Kerr L (gb) wrote: Superb. Weird. Mindfucking.