A homo of the disturbed kind -- think Eve Harrington and Norma Desmond's love child -- prowls fey gay Hollywood for his big break in this hilarious tale of unchecked ambitions. Hunky Boyd, a recent ex-con and seriously delusional aspiring actor, returns to the streets with only one goal: to become the reality series superstar he is destined to be. Through a mistaken identity, the newly blonde and newly named, Sean, ingratiates his way into the home of successful producers and lovers Derek and Collin, where the scheming young man lies, cheats, and seduces his way to the top--or does he?

A hilarious comedy spoof of the Lifetime Channel for Women movies with a gay twist! What happens when you invite a young scheming "homewrecker" into your happy home? Three happily married ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Homewrecker torrent reviews

Shaun T (jp) wrote: This is a must-see Scottish comedy drama that surprises and amuses throughout.

Ilsa W (es) wrote: Giving this such a high mark because it was absolutely hilarious. I don't think i've laughed so much at a film in ages. Tho whether any of it was supposed to be funny I'm not sure. The dialogue and storyline weren't up to much as expected and I'm not sure Channing Tatum even finished a sentence throughout the whole film. The random furniture making storyline was frankly just a pointless attempt to make Mike seem like he had hidden depths. There was also the very strange and sudden ending which just left you completely hanging. But lets be honest who goes to see this for the acting? Apart from the horrific McConaughey performance most of the stripping was pretty entertaining and Channing Tatum was definitely a joy to watch in that department. Man is he hot when he dances!

Tim M (de) wrote: Good stunts and fighting. Jingle "All the Way" Ma and Tony Leung have improved significantly in the five years since Tokyo Raiders. Shu Qi and Richie Jen are great additions. Much better than the first, but still quite hokey.

Joanna N (it) wrote: Great acting, powerful plot, not a dull moment, cannot fault it.

George D (fr) wrote: Meryl Streep and Shirley McLaine are superb together. The movie seemed rushed though.

Jane W (ca) wrote: one of my top 5 films. wonderful characters. whimsical story. beautiful performances. my favorite movie ending.

Mark S (it) wrote: "Bronies" tells the story of the grown men who have embraced a girls' cartoon, and the community they've created by herding together. By examining the show's fans and talking to the show's creative talents, "Bronies" tells a story that's both amusing and touching in the way it depicts the loving and supportive herd they've created. My biggest complaint is that Bronies runs too long; a good 20 minutes could have been cut and the film would have just as much impact.

Saikat S (ag) wrote: Director's approach was simple and intimate, so the portrait of an obsession become so terrifying.