Bobby Gold is a career cop who is reassigned from a hunt for a cop killer to the investigation of the murder of an old Jewish woman in Baltimore, and in the process finds himself exploring his own sense of identity.

A Jewish homicide detective investigates a seemingly minor murder and falls in with a Zionist group as a result. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Homicide torrent reviews

Dan B (ca) wrote: Witty French confection, with excellent dialogue, performances and sense of location. The clever riffing on the life of a Hollywood icon maybe gets in the way a little in the later stages, but overall there(TM)s enough here to make it almost as good as it is entertaining. Recommended.

william b (us) wrote: I laughed so hard my stomach cramped. It was funny in the details, in its wit, in the characterizations, and in the actors' excellent performances. Marvelously made and delivered. Thanx for the ride.

Bengel W (fr) wrote: If you are not depressed and frustrated the likelihood is that you may be after watching this movie. Actors put in very realistic performances giving the characters an obnoxious feel that makes this movie tick. Overall the movie comes across as a stressed out shouting match between sisters and friends that ruin the worst wedding seen on screen. Nibbles: Whisked Sponge Cake

Private U (nl) wrote: Weerasethakul's masterwork. A memory film not unlike Hsiao-hsien's Three Times, where the form and subject matter meet somewhere in infinity.

Ashleigh D (fr) wrote: This movie was pointless, and I hated both characters.

movie fan a (fr) wrote: stupid movie!! love the song dil de diya hai tho!!

Smashproplaya (kr) wrote: I don't really remember much of this movie?

Vivian L (kr) wrote: OMG I REMEMBER BABAR!

Jessie F (ca) wrote: Very eerie movie that leaves you thinking...