Honey Bee

Honey Bee

The movie revolves around two friends (Sebastian and Angel) who suddenly discover their love for each other. They elope on the eve of the girl's marriage, much to the chagrin of her brothers. The film essays the lovers' struggle for survival.

The movie revolves around two friends (Sebastian and Angel) who suddenly discover their love for each other. They elope on the eve of the girl's marriage much to the chagrin of her brothers... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (ca) wrote: Hardy has to do all of his acting while pretending to be in a car and answering telephone messages from all the people in his life. Thankfully it works well.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: Excuse me miss, but could you steal someone else's car?Cat is a high end escort who gets caught in the middle of a political scandal overseas involving an American senator. During her escape process, she stumbles across two European entrepreneurs and uses them to get away. She doesn't anticipate the entrepreneurs starting their own detective agency and using their encounter with her as their first case. Can the two detectives save her?"Do you girls know each other?""No.""You soon will."John Stockwell, director of Under Cover, Blue Crush, Turistas, Middle of Nowhere, Dark tide, Dark Tide, and Kid Cannabis, delivers Cat Run (and the upcoming Cat Run 2). The storyline for this picture was actually entertaining and the dialogue was comical and well written. The action scenes were well delivered but the sex was a bit overdone. The cast delivers above average performances and includes Paz Vega, Janet Mc Teer, D. L. Hughley, Tony Curran, Christopher McDonald and Michelle Lombardo."Looking at her beasts, I'm thinking milk.""You do? I look at her titties and think half and half."I actually came across this film on Netflix and thought the plot sounded worthwhile (and the Netflix rating was higher than I anticipated). I found the characters very humorous and well written and I would definitely watch the sequel. This is a solid action picture with a decent plot, but not overly unique, and mediocre dialogue. I'd watch this once if you haven't seen it."What kind of person does that, cut a one armed man's arm off?"Grade: C+

John Joseph M (au) wrote: All style over substance. Visually its stunning but it's to wrapped up in never ending psychosexual references. Credit due, when it works its breathtaking.

Doug F (it) wrote: Hard to judge the movie when I know the director (and have him on Facebook) but what the hell. Scourge isn't a bad b-film. Sure the acting isn't great, but at least it delivers what its premise promises. And it's fun to see the different ways the movie gets around its budget constraints and actually make it look pretty decent.

Marian D (fr) wrote: want to see a trailer

Jim A (au) wrote: This one is one of the weaker entries in the second series favoring a more campy tone rather than a more serious one. Absurd science is expected but if your going to give an explanation please stick with it. This movie changes its story bizarrely halfway through. SpaceGodzilla is also a rather silly looking opponent. Still its fun at times in its own goofy way

Kandis A (nl) wrote: grace at her best...even without speaking. I was terrified of this movie as a kid

Milton P (de) wrote: Excelente pelicula de culto. De los mejores Sountracks que he escuchado. Simplemente una obra de lo mas exquisito del Arte.

Jeremiah L (ca) wrote: Good movie. Great cast. Doesn't look like they made any effort to make it look like the 1930's however.

Hugh A (br) wrote: I saw this movie as a kid, so it remians magical in my mind. Yet I remember a lot of things. The old man selling balloons who is so thiin he starts to float away. The main character granting wishes and the two lovers who are opposites wishing to be like each other. When they find each other, they are still oppostie.

Khaled H (es) wrote: sweet & warm, it was a cold night when i saw it and i felt it was a warm treat