A newlywed couple finds their lake-country honeymoon descend into chaos after Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of the night.

Newlyweds Paul and Bea plan to spend their honeymoon by traveling to a remote lake country. In their first night, Paul finds Bea wandering naked in the woods which she claims later because of sleepwalking. A series of strange and frightening events occur while Bea continues to behave more distant that seems destine to tear this couple apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bront Y (es) wrote: One of the cheesiest movies I have seen in a long time. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't entertained

Movie M (gb) wrote: An indie showcase for Sam Rockwell's burgeoning star alongside a spirited debut for Mischa Barton. The chemistry of the two leads carries the movie past its flaws to an unpredictable and fanciful ending, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you tend towards the quirky stuff, or recognize Rockwell as one of America's most beguiling actors, this is a 90's art house movie not to be missed.

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