Honeymoon Academy

Honeymoon Academy

A honeymooning couple become entangled in a plot to recover plates for counterfeiting US dollars. SHE thinks she's just retired from a government 'dirty jobs' department, but her superiors ...

A honeymooning couple become entangled in a plot to recover plates for counterfeiting US dollars. SHE thinks she's just retired from a government 'dirty jobs' department, but her superiors ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cesare M (au) wrote: Three unusual takes on three common topics of genre movies: zombie apocalypse, self-conscious machines and the end of the world (cataclysm). The central episode is basically philosophical sci-fi with just a hint of grotesque in some minor characters; the opening and closing one are more directly comedy, but "art house", if you like: clever, subtle, based more on irony than on easy loughs and direct parody of tropes.

Christie M (nl) wrote: Don't care for Mickey Rourke, if I see this, I'll wait for the video.

Antonia W (us) wrote: An unrealistic piece of garbage.

Michael D (es) wrote: Another classic ego driven men in power unable to bend. Military mindset in view

Ryan V (fr) wrote: A mostly witless failure.

Eric H (mx) wrote: Far better and more clever than its initial reception.

Brett H (au) wrote: A campy pairing of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Sweeney Todd that goes a little too far in the dark comedy direction instead of focusing on the grimness of the disturbing premise. The acting and writing is all over-the-top ridiculousness with certain exchanges between characters not making any sense at all. The premise is nasty and cleverly expanded on from the classic Sweeney Todd story, but there are so many missed opportunities and a real lack of violence. Tongue-in-cheek from the get-go, it's not a terrible way to pass the time, but it certainly could've been a lot more effective by losing the slapstick, stupidness!

base 6 (us) wrote: I like a good hero and the hero in this story definitely delivers with a great deal of heart. A snow covered landscape provides a very serene atmosphere throughout and is the perfect compliment to the story that unfolds. The production quality of this film was excellent.

richard w (jp) wrote: I only watched the latter portion of this movie...thank God!

Todd S (gb) wrote: Long before Tyler Perry turned Alex Cross into an action star, the all-star detective was portrayed correctly by the legendary Morgan Freeman. While the first film, Kiss The Girls, was a huge success, it's sequel, Along Came A Spider was a bust, once again due to the fact that the strengths of the character were not utilized properly. The character of Alex Cross was created by Author, James Patterson, and has been responsible for over 20 best selling novels, because he's unlike any other cop in any other mystery series. Cross is a psychologist first, who gets inside the heads of killers. Once he knows what they're thinking and why they're acting the way they are, Cross is usually able to capture them. These stories make for terrific novels, but when transferred to the screen, producers felt that they lack the action movie goers crave. Despite a successful first appearance on screen, the producers felt that with more action and bullets, the sequel would do even better, they were wrong. When a Senator's daughter is abducted from an upscale private school, detectives are at a loss, but call Cross in when evidence and a ransom demand turn up at his house. Cross believes the criminal is using his admiration to cover up the real motives for this crime, and he needs to play into that role, in order to determine what those motives are. This was a terrific novel, but wasn't right for the screen, so much of the story was cut and replaced by the manhunt and police chases. These elements make for a more intense film, but don't do justice to the story. Alex Cross and his abilities are the story and are what make the series unique. Morgan Freeman returned hesitantly to do the sequel and he was right when he said he shouldn't have done it, mainly because it takes away from the brilliance of the first film. The producers of this movie even managed to screw up a terrific surprise ending and that really says it all. Along Came A Spider is not a bad film, it certainly has it's movements and a legendary star, but if you're a fan of the Alex Cross novels, expect to be disappointed.

Aeem H (de) wrote: Disappointing is the word to describe this film. This film has a cast of recognised actors, Unfortunately they are let down by a plodding script and very poor production and directing. The acting isn't completely terrible, Josh Hutcherson is his usual self, though he is good at representing his characters combustible nature. Hayden Panettiere is woefully underused and underwritten, Alfred Molina and Lauren Bacall are on autopilot. Rounding up the cast is Billy Boyd, while Tricia Helfer makes a small cameo. I will say that the scenes in which a masterpiece is recreated as a forgery is actually quite interesting and well researched, it seem like the only the director actually managed to get right. Making it worthy of an extra half star rating., A film for the fans of the cast, which is incidentally why I sought it out, otherwise one to avoid.

Steve W (ca) wrote: The Secret World of Arrietty is an excellent animated feature from Studio Ghibli. It finds that simple emotional core of family and protectiveness and delivers a visually pleasing and excited adventure. The very good English dub also helps too, for a whimsical and light tale for the whole family.