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Hong tian mi ling


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Dan P (ag) wrote: Not sure which is worse, watching this or going through US immigation control!

Blanco A (au) wrote: hate this movie but the animation is good

Trevor C (au) wrote: Sure the story and dialogue aren't the best, but the film itself is absolutely nightmarish. It's constant tension and suspense in this cut-off part of the world where monstrous fish-humans live. It creates a certain eerie, nightmarish atmosphere that is rare in horror films that the fact it is actually present in this film (and it is successfully pulled off) brings me a sort of creeped out joy. It reminds me of the same sort of atmosphere created in the Forbidden Siren (or Siren) game series, where you have to sneak past the demonic villagers rather than head out and fight them. This film features very little music and the only constantly heard sounds are rain and the occasional grunts and cries of these shadowed - difficult to see fish-men. The fish-men are always obscured so that more is left to imagination, and when you do actually see more of them it looks pretty cheesy, but for the most part the little elongated fingers and tumorous heads that are just barely visible in the darkness keep this film more creepy than laughable. This film is heavily underrated, and though it isn't anything like the story written by H.P. Lovecraft, it still successfully creates that sort of dreadful feeling that you get when you read one of his eerie tales.

Joe B (gb) wrote: what a strange flick

Acacia (es) wrote: This movie I've been watching since I was around ... well since it came out. And I love it more and more. the jokes are always new with sutal twist.

Tom H (br) wrote: Holy shit! this movie was awesome as hell. really gory and creepy. it just goes to show that the best horror movies was made in the 80`s.

Bass 9 (ca) wrote: there are two certain things in life: sex and death.

Robbie V (ag) wrote: The modern era of comedy kick started right here.

Don S (mx) wrote: Very light-hearted western. Jim Brown is not much of an actor, and Lamas overplays his role severely. The rest of the players are adequate. The story has been done numerous times and holds no surprises. Decent gunfights. Welch is scorching hot in this one. Worth a view on a very slow night.

Luke V (de) wrote: There is a visual thread of a story here but if you can't grasp that, don't worry, you can still enjoy the imagery without understanding its meaning

Joules L (nl) wrote: Yeah it was okay I guess. middle of the road. it was funny but there was no depth of anything more meaningful. it's a good film to stick on when you're just wanting to veg out.

Joshua L (au) wrote: I don't know, it's not that it was bad it just wasn't my bag either.