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Honigmond torrent reviews

Dave C (ag) wrote: I missed this at the cinema and just watched it on Fox.Do you remember Being Here with Peter Sellars?It's like that on steroids, a man who goes to fight for the communists in teh Spanish Civil War and saves Franco's life, meets Truman, causes Stalin to have heart attack... and you get the picture?OK, that's his past... his present involves an international drug deal, the money, biker gangs and an elephant!It is simply put... wonderful.Open some wine and laugh yourself silly whilst lso ruminating on life.I loved irt.

Craig F (ca) wrote: Just awful. Horrible, horrible movie.

Heidi G (es) wrote: Una buena pelicula con situaciones graciosas y que nos cuestiona acerca de enfretarnos a nuestros problemas!!!

Noname (ca) wrote: A pretty decent movie with the superb Samuel L Jackson and Ed Harris. I like this type of movies , homicide detective jobs kinda. Altho the movie could have been more intensive perhaps but i enjoyed it. Well made flick and great story overall.

Arun P (mx) wrote: One of my fav Hindi movies ever

Mitchell M (it) wrote: This really was garbage. I heard that this was dreadful , and after reading reviews thought that they must have overreacted. In fact, they had done the opposite, as this wasn't a "so bad its funny" film, it was just plain bad. Awful acting, weird dialogue, terrible camera work, overblown and silly music - the list just goes on. I've seen a lot of big budget stinkers (Gigli, Glitter, Showgirls etc), but i think this may be the worst film I've ever seen if you take budget into account.

Janetta B (br) wrote: This movie was cute....

Milo M (ru) wrote: Nez sta se Refnu dogodilo, al tgrebo je nastavir vake vilmove snimat.

John A (us) wrote: Eisenstein has a clear eye for composition, making the various shots engaging in and of themselves. The problem comes for me in the way those shots have been put together, as the montage approach becomes terribly(!) constraining. Eisenstein is certainly the forerunner of the modern blockbuster, with its emphasis on short shots and creating interest through continuous edits. The shots themselves are gorgeous and terrifying--I just wish I had more time to look at each of them.

Silvia B (br) wrote: The film got ridiculous very quickly. i expected a lot more considering the two lead actors but nope, just blah and ridiculous.

Arpi H (ag) wrote: this is such an amazing film. I loved all the characters, as they all have their own unqiue personalities, inner problems, and quirks. I loved all the songs. the plot wasnt too linear - I couldn't pinpoint a specific climax - however this made it all the more interesting. i think it's meant to be made up of various mini stories that are interwoven and overlap. I recommend this for anyone interested in a heartening film with a simple message - that we should do anything in our power to sit back and enjoy ourselves instead of getting caught up in other people's expectations for us.

JD M (gb) wrote: Great movie. My mom was mad when she found out that I saw it, but it was a great action movie

Christopher H (ag) wrote: If it's a good movie, one that has flaws that makes the movie is bad or regular