Movie star Brooks Mason tries to avoid his fans and spend some weeks on vacation. When Hawaiian plantage-owner George Smith is mistaken by Mason's fans for Mason and brought to Mason's home. They decide to change their identities for a few weeks. But George Smith is mobbed by Mason's fans again on a personal appearance tour in New York, Mason falls in love to dancer Dorothy March, who also is on her way to Hawaii. Problems for Mason arise due to the fact that Smith is engaged with Cecilia Grayson, and her wealthy father believes, that Smith has double-crossed him. Mason isn't able to establish a connection with Smith in New York due to his agent's orders.

Movie star Brooks Mason wants a vacation from his over zealous fans. He hires Hawaiian plantation-owner George Smith, a look-alike, to change places with him for a few weeks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (br) wrote: Well aware that I'm in the minority here, but I hated nearly every minute of this one. I wouldn't suggest that the search for the remains of the disappeared is an uninteresting subject, but I found the way it was approached here to be deeply and profoundly irritating. The coincidental connection to astronomy is treated as if it is somehow profound. It's not.

lashon a (fr) wrote: havent seen it yet but have a feeling it would be awsome

Ryan H (au) wrote: The voice of Tommy Pickles and Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls stars in an attempt to make what I assume a low budget exploitation revenge flick.Next time though, they might want to add things like gore, decent special effects (even for low budget its bad...), some semblance of a coherent plot, or any sympathetic chacteract, but no it boring, and adds a lovely twist at the end for the sake of being a twist at the end... Don't even bother watching even with friends it just not fun.... I wanted bad when I got it, but not this type of bad.

Talia K (ru) wrote: I started freaking out when Willy got all depressed near that cliff edge.

David B (mx) wrote: Despite some melodramatic and highly improbable scenes - such as those with Irina Pantaeva the supermodel - this is a fascinating and remarkable story. It is based on a true account of a German soldier captured by the Soviets and sent to a Siberian prison camp, who escapes and manages to reunite with his family over 8,000 miles away. This is done in Soviet Russia, where the eyes and ears of the Party were virtually everywhere. While the acting does not rise to Oscar level, the main character is believable as the man determined to return to his loved ones against overwhelming odds.

Anthony C (fr) wrote: disapointing. i rember seeing the trailer years ago and have been wanthing to see this since.the trailer made it looked action pack but when i watched it it was just dull and boring. not recommended not even for die hard troma fans(which i am)

Ryan S (fr) wrote: I remember enjoying this as a kid, but just watched it the other night and it was HORRIBLE!

Scott M (es) wrote: A gripping story about death and survival on a wild river. Wish they would make these types movies again. Love the ending. Boorman creates serious tension.

Jenny B (it) wrote: I have to admit that I saw the film with great expectations. Even when some people say this film is like wow, I didn't think that. Help me with my taste or fuck you, because everyone has got different tastes. Honestly, I didn't find anything special in this. I am not saying that is a crap, but it could have surprised me most.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: I actually didn't know a thing about this before seeing it, so I was surprised when it turned out to be about finding utopia (so this is where "Shangri La" comes from). Nice cast, not a bad edition to the Frank Capra films I've seen, I really enjoyed Ronald Colman in this. The cinematography was very nice, excellent art direction, and I loved the score. A really great opening, it did a wonderful job of pulling the viewer into the story. I actually preferred the first half of the film to the second half. After they got settled into Shangri La I felt it lost a little bit of its steam. Still, it's a very well done film, another example of the kind of films you can't really make anymore.

Luca Maria M (ag) wrote: I've read many Niles & Templesmith comics (but not this one) and i really love their stories , they are very well written and the art is very atmospheric. And with a slower pace and a bit of backstory about the vampires, this could have been one of the best horror movies of the past decade. I really wanted to like it, but it goes too soon into the vampire invasion (15 minutes? 20?) and we don't have the time to care about the characters and to be actually scared. The effects are very cool and the film seems well directed to me, but i didn't like too much the ubiquitous blueish filter used for most of the movie (i think the movie is too "bright" and full of lights to convey the feeling of a siege during a month of darkness) . What i liked less is Josh Hartnett character: not because the actor's way to play , but because it seems that the only person able to do something in that village is him , so he must do literally everything. Count how many times the "axe" scene is repeated...

John O (ag) wrote: This is one of the best Superman stories ever written and one of DC's best animated movies. It is a true interpretation of the comic on which it is based, down to the art originally by Frank Quietly

Alasdair R (de) wrote: The most kick ass vampire movie of the last 1000 years. Who cares that nothing in this story adds up. People in dressing downs can wander into dangerous chemical plants without any trouble. Why does Dracula have an obsession with using the word black when describing anything to do with Africans. Why would people pay antique dealers to take valuable items from a Romanian legends castle. Who cares because we get to see badass cops fight vampires and badass black vampires bite white people. Did I'm mention that this film was totally badass

Jacob M (au) wrote: There is no doubt that this film earned every Oscar that won. Perfection is the only word to describe this film. The ending even had me tearing up with happiness and joy for the characters. Of corse Peter Jackson builds on his, already breathtaking, world. The characters are still very compelling and the story just keeps getting better. Watching Viggo Mortensen reclaim the crown that was rightfully his was just astounding. This is the perfect end to the best trilogy ever created.