Honoo no mai

Honoo no mai

Takuji spies a house on the hill while wandering on the beach. He is invited in and treated as an honoured guest, especially by the lovely young Kiyono. They soon marry, but as the year is ...

Takuji spies a house on the hill while wandering on the beach. He is invited in and treated as an honoured guest, especially by the lovely young Kiyono. They soon marry, but as the year is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Priti P (nl) wrote: Boy is on his way for arranged marriage with Girl1. En route he gets highly attracted to one of his rented 'baraati' Girl2. He leaves Girl1 at the marriage altar and runs away. He bumps again with Girl2. There is instant chemistry and live-in relationship (at Girl2's home) between Boy and Girl2. Love marriage to take place between them. Girl2 leaves him at the altar and runs away. Boy now bumps with Girl1 on his way to a marriage where he is one of the rented 'baraati' and she is one of the relatives. Soon after this meeting, they enter into a happy relationship. They are sure to get married and set the tracks right. In another marriage, where Boy is a rented 'baraati' and Girl1 accompanies him as his partner, they both bump into Girl2. Here, Girl2 is one of the relatives in the wedding. There is instant hot chemistry between Boy and Girl2. Assessing the situation, Girl1 disappears from the venue without any heartbreak. Again, Boy and Girl2 decide to marry. This time, both of them run away from the wedding only to bump again in their wedding fineries at the door of Girl2. They decide to continue with the live-in mode of the relationship.Is strength of character absolutely missing in the current youth? Surely, it's not possible. So, is this movie just a funny comedy? But, how can you take it as a mindless comedy of indecisiveness, when it is unabashedly and ruthlessly targeting the age old and universal institution of marriage? Agreed, that the blissful and perfect marriage is a myth and every marriage has its share of ups and downs, ranging from being mild to simply unbearable. But a society sans marriage will be outright savage.However, the movie does ably show the incumbent fear of marriage within the current youth. Deep down they are lonely and seek a loyal and forever loving partner. But the current life style and absence of active role of parents and/or guardians in their life, makes them ever paranoid to enter into a marriage. The fear of failure of marriage stops them from entering into one! Resultantly, they enter into relationships one after the other, only to become more fearful with each failed relationship.If you leave aside the concept of this movie, you have to admit that both the direction and acting are pretty good. The actors have played their part with as much conviction and innocence as they could conjure in playing such complex characters. At any point of time, you don't feel sad or hateful towards any of them! And in such a storyline, this is commendable. After Shah Rukh, Sushant seems to be the one who would make the giant successful leap from small screen to the big screen. Parineeti is a natural actor, very much like Kajol but a lot less boisterous. Given that this is her debut movie, Vani appears surprisingly effortless and confidant. In fact the screen chemistry that she shares with Sushant is more natural and believable. Rishi Kapoor has acted as per expectation. It is amusing to see him don the hat of a Rajasthani baniya running a wedding business. Cinematography is also good. The city of Jaipur and nearby locations have been covered well.

Mark A (ru) wrote: A fascinating mystery. This Documentary does a great job of piecing together the meaning of the Toynbee Tiles, and trying to solve the mystery of who is placing the tiles.

Richard B (it) wrote: Cute movie that is definitely for the little ones.

jay n (kr) wrote: Middling drama about the trying for the big score. Not much really. Christine Lahti is far to fine an actress to be stuck in dreck like this.

Andrew P (gb) wrote: Joely Richardson was amazing in this film about the Papin sisters. A very creepy tale about two sister who may have had a relationship, who end up killing the lady and her daughter that they work for. Very strange but well done film

Tommy C (it) wrote: The Sequel is better with more robot fighting action.

Andrew W (gb) wrote: not bad, and definitely an interesting ending to a pretty decent film.

Byron B (ca) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR and at the golden globes

Jesse B (es) wrote: This is a very well made film for Malle's second feature (his first being Elevator to the Gallows). Jeanne Moreau has never looked more beautiful -- even with the false mustache in Jules and Jim. The history behind the film's release and subsequent censorship; arrests made for those who exhibited the film; and reprieve of the film's so-called lewd elements are equally fascinating. How could a film this observant and gentle be seen as obscene?

Martin B (kr) wrote: Classic but not Kazan's best.

Dillon K (de) wrote: Cat Run is a poorly executed, far too ambitious attempt at a buddy cop (detective) black comedy, that falls for nearly every pitfall, struggling to find its true identity.

Neo R (jp) wrote: the film is authentic and fun!

Brian N (de) wrote: I feel like it was a lot funnier when I first saw it long ago...

Christopher B (it) wrote: I have to see ithis moive from the beginning again

Linda K (es) wrote: It's not BAD, but it could be a lot 'faster' and funnier. Love Barbara Streisand though, just lovely.

Claudia G (it) wrote: If you know can kill zombies with a shot to the head ... why keep shooting them in the chest?

Dave L (ca) wrote: A sexy psychological thriller. A fun, thought provoking ride.