In a world where street gangs collide with the law, neighborhood friends, Raymond and Gabriel, must decide which side of the battle to join. This will be the ultimate fight - the one for power, family, and HONOR.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Japanese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   fight,   beating,  

In a world where street gangs collide with the law, neighborhood friends, Raymond and Gabriel, must decide which side of the battle to join. This will be the ultimate fight - the one for power, family, and HONOR. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave N (ru) wrote: You want to rock? This is the DVD!

Mandela W (us) wrote: I am not a big art guy as I only like a select number of painters. Jackson Pollock was not one that was in my very small category. Upon watching Pollock I began to see more of the life of a painter and how outside influences can take a toll on a man, even famewise as well. Ed Harris and Marcia Gay Harden act out an intriguing relationship between Mr. Pollock here and Lee Krasner, and gives us a compelling biopic story. The story focuses on Jackson Pollock's life in 40's, He was a talented painter but a bit of drunkard. It wasn't until Lee Krasner showed up at his door that his life suddenly got better but as his fame grew so did some old demons. The movie looks at the good and bad times of one of america's most prolific painters.This is a film that is more than just a film on art but on a man who could kill his habits that made him a difficult individual to be around and deal with. Really interesting relationship between lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock. Krasner was I think just seemingly impressed and curious by him at first and then it turned into what many of you may already know about the two. tremendous chemistry between harris and harden. Nothing short of spectacular. Their argument scene near the end when he is mad drunk was just greatly acted. they need to do another film togethered harris was superb here acting wise. I heard that this was a major passion project from him and I believe it. He really took the time to mold this character this man into his own portrayal and take and the results are just magnificent. All his inner struggles were so well portrayed. One of Ed Harris's most ambitious and well crafted performances to date. Marcia gay harden gave a sublime performance here. she was unique in the sense that she was straightforward with him but also knew she had a responsibility of keeping him on a narrow path so he could display his art to the world. However she finds out over time that he is one hell of a mess to try and keep together for so longI was surprised to see Ed Harris was the director here, very nice job. very documentary like at times. Got to give props to the well written script here kudos to the two writers. the overall mood shows us that the film is a deep look into the man personally but also look into the brilliance of his talentsPollock is fantastic biopic film that is really underated. Great job mr. Harris!

Mike S (jp) wrote: check out Sorbo in Walking Tall 2: The Payback

Florence (gb) wrote: Aps concluir um filme, diretor de cinema viaja pela Europa tentando relembrar da histria de amor que amigo lhe contara, j pensando no roteiro de sua prxima produo. No caminho que percorre, acaba presenciando outras histrias que se somam primeira.

Alex H (ag) wrote: Nostalgia critic doesn't want to remember it, Maybe I wouldn't!

Michael W (ag) wrote: Basically it is DIE HARD/UNDER SIEGE in flight as terrorists hijack an aircraft (boarding in flight!) carrying two Stealth bombers but are unaware there is an extra passenger on board in the form of a pilot. A solid Die Hard clone that maybe suffers a bit from lack of character development from the main players and some unexplained elements. Another good outing for Jurgen Pronchow.

Trista J (es) wrote: I don't know why but I love this goofy movie!

Greg S (ca) wrote: Not very good, but still oddly amusing. Perhaps it's amusing because it's not very good, but it doesn't quite fall into the "so bad it's good," genre. Perhaps I'll just say that it was pretty entertaining for an old grindhouse feature.

Paul D (es) wrote: Clearly a propaganda film to encourage personal involvement in the war-effort, but this melodramatic love-story is a decent plot on its own.

Alex G (gb) wrote: Loved the leading up to the climax part but the end itself was horrible, made it seem like real life which defeats the purpose of movies

Mike F (au) wrote: Neat little film, half Psycho half noir. Anthony Perkins was great, albeit not stretching much. Tuesday Weld was a great little femme fatale...I hadn't been acquainted with her before, but I know she owned this one. Good times.

Aidan H (ag) wrote: Best out of the three prequels. However, very cheesy.