A story centered on a young woman is targeted by her family for an "honour killing" and the bounty hunter who takes the job.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Honour 2014 full movies, Honour torrents movie

A story centered on a young woman is targeted by her family for an "honour killing" and the bounty hunter who takes the job. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Honour torrent reviews

Jacob W (mx) wrote: Not necessarily forgettable or memorable, but it sure was funny to watch the first time.

Emily S (br) wrote: Sorry, but it's Geraldine Ferraro Elementary.

Patrik J (jp) wrote: Typical shark movie. That guy looks familiar. On ABC family probably.

Adley T (mx) wrote: some scenes are horrible, like Cecilia Cheung's head being chopped off. However, I like the story and the quote "????????".

Jason B (br) wrote: Not a great film, but another great performance from Crudup.

Nathan N (fr) wrote: Maybe I'm an asshole but I have to come down on the Joe Bob Briggs side of this one. I like the first Basket Case for its stop-motion and love it as a snapshot of an awesome place I'll never get to see but I'm not crazy about it. I'm not exactly "crazy" about Basket Case 2, but I enjoyed the shit out of it.

Sam S (ca) wrote: Campy schlock, and very entertaining.

Beahbeat D (ag) wrote: Love it SOphia and Marcello are classics

Danielle K (jp) wrote: The Marx Bros. stray from the formula, which doesn't work so well.

Daniel K (fr) wrote: 1.5: Hmm. I was prompted to watch these by an article in The New Yorker that I read a year or two ago. I wasn't expecting them to be outstanding, but I was expecting something better than this. I have now seen essentially every Charlie Chan film, or at least all that were made between 1931 and 1947 (29 films). What struck me most is that these really have more in common with a television show than a feature film. Each film is essentially the same except for the "location." I guess it makes sense as they serve essentially the same purpose. One can essentially watch every film on auto-pilot comfortable in the knowledge that one knows exactly which characters will pop up and that everything will be satisfactorily resolved in the end. They are "C" picture at best. Sidney Toler is pretty good; Warner Toland is somewhat acceptable; and the other two one picture no-names are either inconsequential or awful. It is rather ludicrous that they didn't allow an actual Asian actor to play the role, but the portrayal of African-American's is much more heinous. They certainly pale in comparison to just about every other detective picture/TV series I've ever seen. None of the films rate an individual review so this will have to suffice for all 29.

Marischa B (de) wrote: This is basically a "spoof" of the Paranormal Activity films with a few other recent movies and TV shows thrown in. I use the word "spoof" very lightly because there wasn't one remotely funny thing about this. There are reality show references and if you do not watch reality shows you will have no idea what's going on. In fact a lot of the movie "references" are all recent - meaning this will be pretty dated in about 5 years. I'd like to say this is something that will not hold up well over time but it doesn't hold up well over five minutes. It's incredibly unfunny and it's trying hard to be funny.There are lots of dick jokes in fact that's pretty much all it is, but nary a humorous one. There are references to other movies but again, the guy who "wrote" this seems to think simply referencing another movie is somehow funny. The daughter is from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but there isn't anything funny about it. This is one of those movies that was clearly written over a weekend, no rewrites, no input from anyone funny or with talent - just a quickly thrown together bad attempt at a spoof. Looking at the director/writer's other credits, it's no wonder this was so awful. Someone needs to tell this guy he's not good at this. This type of humor is not easy to write and this is a good example of why not everyone should be trying this.

Kyle M (it) wrote: My kind of a rom-com to enjoy that was well developed with a piece of the sports genre of a baseball film, and charming with the performances of Barrymore and Fallon bringing along some good humor. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Greg W (au) wrote: good time travel pic with "sixth sense" kid all grown up

Dave W (it) wrote: This is one of those movies that I really wanted to be good when I was a kid, and my parents wouldn't let me see it, and I thought they wouldn't let me see it because it was going to be so twisted and fucked up that it would just fuck me up and turn me in to a fucking serial killer or something, then I fucking saw it and it was so painful to watch in all the wrong ways, and every now and then I see it for free on a streaming account and I think, "hey I wonder if this is as bad as I remember it," and it is, it fucking is, it is that fucking bad and yet I still try to watch it again, and it never fucking ends, just like this sentence. I only give it a half a star because the idea of an electric chair themed horror movie is great. Let's face it, who wants to die in the electric chair? Not me. That shit is scary. This movie on the other hand, is just bad.

Melanie T (au) wrote: Saw a screening of the movie. I thought it was pretty good. It moves a little slow but the story was compelling and the scenery beautiful.