Hoodrats 2: Hoodrat Warriors

Hoodrats 2: Hoodrat Warriors

Beautiful girls kicking ass, Smashing skulls and fighting Gang members in Los Angeles. One battle after another till confronting the King of the streets.

Beautiful girls kicking ass, Smashing skulls and fighting Gang members in Los Angeles. One battle after another till confronting the King of the streets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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julio s (ca) wrote: Heckler starts interestingly enough with how comedians react to hecklers and the unique situations they can create. But it's only good for the first 25-26 minutes. It makes the problematic, broad,unimaginative and ultimately wrong assumption that criticism in all forms trickles down to the argument of "Haters gonna hate". If Heckler showed me anything is that comedians seem to be the most talented people to quickly speak about anything they so desire, but lack maturity to own up to any sort of criticism. When your movie begins with Joe Rogan proclaiming that the #1 rule of hecklers is that they are all "100% douche bags" then I think the filmmakers here have already lost me and others. It's a movie about, unfortunately, cry babies. If we can mercilessly destroy books, dismantle movies and cleave songs in two with very little controversy or argument of "trolling" then why are comedians exempt from this? It ponders that criticism in all ways is somewhat illegitimate, at least from what I gathered. If that is what the thrusting point of this is then I can't agree, not even if my favorite comics appear to say so. I think there are some valid points that are presented but as it stands, this movie, is a whole lot of nothing. (Kennedy's career included).

Allen H (gb) wrote: It's pretty much the car business in a nutshell. Well minus all the drug cartel and killing....it's just about dead on. "Wait a minute...that offer was higher than the first one!....Well yeah....these things are expensive."

Orlok W (de) wrote: Smartly-written comedy with a great cast--The supporting cast outshine the stars!!

Michael W (ru) wrote: It's a really dark and poignant film, bold for 1947, but there are parts that fall a bit flat (that kid's voice annoys me too). I can see the picture Rossellini wanted to paint, and he did it justice. I wouldn't call it my favorite, but it's great for what it is: a portrait of post-war hardships.

Grant K (br) wrote: It suggests the genius formula that would become "the meaning of life" but it seems less complete than the three great python comedies. Still, it has some absolutely hilarious and memorable scenes.

Ross M (es) wrote: I'm a sucker for anthology films. Body Bags offers three different tales that each offer a unique scare. Horror fans will have fun spotting the various cameos scattered throughout the production, plus John Carpenter hams it up as the host of the anthology. While the movie itself is far from perfect, it's still fun and entertaining. 4 stars

Frances H (gb) wrote: Although you spend most of the film trying to figure out what is going on, the end is worth the wait and the style here is so visually lush and fascinating that this element alone makes the film worth viewing. The cast is great, especially Ryan Gosling.