Horror of the Blood Monsters

Horror of the Blood Monsters

Three earthlings (John Carradine, Robert Dix, Vicki Volante) leave on a space mission to destroy flesh creatures of a prehistoric lost planet.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   space,   spear,  

In the near future with a intergalactic vampire plague threatening earth, an expedition is sent to a distant galaxy in hopes of discovering the plague^Òs source. Landing on a mysterious ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Horror of the Blood Monsters torrent reviews

Kate B (us) wrote: Kathleen Turner is the stand out in this movie. The rest of the cast try to keep up but can't.

Jarrod H (it) wrote: Critics just hate this director like he is Adam Sandler or something

Bobby L (mx) wrote: Napoleon Dynamite meets Mean Girls meets Hostel, in the dumbest possible way! This movie is agonizingly painful to watch. The acting is awful, the cinematography is lazy, and it has a bizarre lesbian make-out scene that lasts for far too long and adds nothing to the story or the characters; I am all for nudity and such, but not for no reason. Truly terrible.

Rubia (de) wrote: I didnt know Catherine Breillats work, so it was quiet a good surprise. The movie is very realistic and it shows perfectly the sisters relationship (love and hate) and the excitement, fear and all feelings around the first sexual experience. I dont think the end is supposed to shock. From the first scene we know that something is going to happen, even tending to think that Anas is going to do something against Elena. When they are driving home and later, in the car, after Elena comes back from the bathroom, it gets obvious. Experimenting her sexuality through her sisters, when Anas says Elena to not think about Fernando and sleep it seems that shes saying: just sleep, now its my turn. She doesnt try to escape from the murder, she barely tries to resist; she knows that its something inevitable as much as it is to a guy falling in love or be attracted to her sister. She doesnt seem shocked or sad with her mother and sisters death, but satisfied for knowing how its to be desirable - wrongly thinking, of course - and free (or something alike) of the heavily presence (and beauty) of Elena.

Private U (br) wrote: cute and fun movie. No existential meaning here, but very fun to watch.

Kyle M (au) wrote: A funny family comedy classic about a husband (Keaton) becoming a househusband, while the wife (Garr) becoming a wife at work. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Paul M (ag) wrote: Not really a slasher Santa flick, more an intriguing, far more psychological analysis of depression and psychosis. An unsual film, but clearly a strong filmmaking voice behind it.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Another excellent mystery for Rathbone and Bruce to solve in their very approachable rendition of the famous characters.

Jordan M (it) wrote: You people leaving negative comments are simply crazy..this movie is DOPE as fack. Piss off, pretentious turds. FIVE STARS.

Sara C (nl) wrote: Yet another really great movie with the Griswalds

Ola N (br) wrote: Never put this movie on. You'll never get your 2 hours back.

Shark M (ru) wrote: It isn't horrible, but it is bad.