Horror Story

Horror Story

A group of 7 youngsters-4 guys and 3 girls decide to spend a night at a reportedly haunted hotel to celebrate the farewell of one of them leaving for the USA. Despite people's warnings and other "signs" trying to ward them off from there, they enter the hotel, and then the truth dawns on them. Seven friends - Sam alias Samrat, Magesh, Achint, Neel, Neena, Sonia and Magi reunite after several years apart to celebrate the farewell of one of their friends, who is going abroad in order to pursue his career and fulfill his goals. The group soon learns about an abandoned hotel with strange stories around it. Much against warnings, they decide to spend a night at the hotel, and soon realize the mistake of their lives

Seven youngsters decide to spend a night in an abandoned haunted hotel. What they mistook as merely rumors, dawns on them to be the truth as they realize they are not alone inside. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott R (mx) wrote: Beautifully human and exquisitely Italian. It manages to capture the rich culture with a modern perspective while addressing existentialist questions. Inspiring.

Vans C (au) wrote: No.5 in the Air Bud Saga, these hip pups just keep getting cuter and cuter! My Grandma gives it two paws up!

Sean W (es) wrote: Offensive, distasteful and shoddily produced, Erika Christensen makes Kristen Stewart look like Meryl Streep.

Heather S (jp) wrote: I loved it as a kid. I was so sad to hear about the death of Jonathan Brandis.

Cinema F (mx) wrote: The Enchanted April is quirky, full of humour, of misunderstandings, of instances of characters miscommunicating and misjudging one another's intentions. Yet it's also charming and sweet which candidly explores, albeit somewhat lightheartedly, the heartache four women are nursing caused by aging, marital neglect, and the like. Based on the 1921 novel by Elizabeth von Armin, the film centers on Lottie Wilkins (Josie Lawrence), a shabby middle-class wife, blessed with a self-proclaimed magical ability to see into people. When her eyes catch a newspaper ad for a month in an Italian villa, she immediately thinks of her downtrodden neighbor Rose Arbuthnot (Miranda Richardson). To save money, two other eccentric femmes join this couple: the haughty widow Mrs. Fisher (Joan Plowright) and the alluring society lady, Caroline Dester (Polly Walker), who is the opposite of all the others.When they wake up in their villa after a rainy nighttime arrival (Britain still seems to follow them like a cloud), they open their windows to a sunny spring morning on the Italian coast, the hills exploding in flowers and foliage, the Mediterranean waters a captivating azure catching the sun with white accents. It's a fairy tale awakening for them in every way. "It's this place," says Lawrence's newly recharged character. Then the film slips into internal monologues to tell us about the transformations the characters are going through and they seem so unnecessary so much of the time, mostly because the observations are already so apparent to the eye.And when the husbands arrive, the old romances are recharged and relationships rekindled with newfound respect and affection, if not for the commitment and compassion and generosity of Mike Newell's direction. It's not about escape or rebirth, it's about renewal and appreciation, with all the restraint we've come to expect in the oh-so-British manner of period movies, but behind that precious romanticism is a genuine commitment to this emotional renewal. This is an earnest movie about personality transformation, self-renewal and life lessons about female camaraderie.

Cynthia E (nl) wrote: A fun movie about one of the most sobering of topics--death. I'd like to watch this movie on my deathbed.

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Vadim D (kr) wrote: It's cute, but really dated and doesn't hold up well at all.

Faye C (jp) wrote: My favourite ever film !!!!

Simon R (jp) wrote: I loved this film. It followed Doom 3 video game very closely.

Keith D (au) wrote: I recently watched this and related to the issues of depression quite well. A very good film and offers the audience an educative view on just a few of the symptoms of what is a horrible illness. It does adopt humour to cut around the seriousness of the condition, which is needed. I loved it and I thought the acting by Richard Gere was first class.

Justin B (nl) wrote: It makes an attempt at commentary making it possibly the most ambitious 'saw' but it seems like a missed opportunity more than anything else and ends up lost in another annual slog through masochistic violence.

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