Horsing Around

Horsing Around

A sequel (sort of) to "Hoofs and Goofs", The stooges are taking care of their sister Birdie who has been reincarnated as a horse. When they learn that her mate "Schnapps", a famous circus horse, is about to be destroyed, they got to the circus grounds to rescue him. The stooges are successful, and Birdie and Schnapps are reunited.

A sequel (sort of) to "Hoofs and Goofs", The stooges are taking care of their sister Birdie who has been reincarnated as a horse. When they learn that her mate "Schnapps", a famous circus ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reid W (ca) wrote: If you are interested enough to download this app and read reviews, then you must sit down and watch this documentary. Leave any pre-conceived notions at the door (I honestly knew nothing about Ebert besides as a cultural reference to mainstream film criticism) and just enjoy learning about Ebert's a passion for film but more his passion for enjoying every new day of life as evident through his writing and the opinions of some of his colorful colleagues, friends, and family.

Christian S (ca) wrote: great farewell film for Mr. miyazaki

Allen G (ca) wrote: This really is a fish story- a fun, energetic and smart one. It's frequently funny, always charming and pretty unique.Even though it all comes together in the end, the structure is still a little annoying but aside from that It's great. Definitely worth a watch- it's good fun! I love that song too."THE STORY OF MY SOLITUDE, IF MY SOLITUDE WERE A FISH"

Jaana S (ru) wrote: Disturbing and haunting plot, great casting.

Michael A (br) wrote: Annoying narrating by Queen Latifah of all people ruin what could be a really good documentary about the lives of Polar Bear and Walrus as they strive to survive the ever changing climate.

Andry R (au) wrote: Divertida, inteligente y con una estetica magnifica...

Weston H (ru) wrote: this is what The Happening should have been about, a real cool happening.

Benedick L (de) wrote: Well, I've been trying hard to break into classic british cinema and I can't think of anything finer than the Dam Busters (which is to be remade by producer Peter Jackson soon). The script is a little dry for my liking, making the acting stiff but I guess this was how it was back then. With that aside, the film is clearly separated into two parts. The invention of the 'bouncing bomb' (a clear example of british inventiveness - none better in the world) makes up the first half then the invention being put to use against the germans in the second half. Whilst a little tedious in sections and a rather, now, humourous death sequence to the dog nigger with stiff upper lip remorse from his owner gibson, it does manage to keep the tension and does show the process of what everyone involved in the operation had to do. The remake will obviously change a few things to appeal to a modern audience but hopefully with Jackson on board he won't americanise it. This is the story of great british power and should remain this way. See this if you want to salute the main theme tune and see how the british overcomed a seemingly impossible task.

Aaron M (gb) wrote: Rush Hour is a guilty pleasure of mine. Its about as corny and cheesy as it gets but its wildly entertaining. Chris Tucker is downright hilarious in this movie and with Jackie Chan they make an odd yet brilliant on screen duo. The natural relationship between to is reason for its success as the plot is cliche and typical of the 90's. Nonetheless, Rush Hour is action packed and well balanced, making it a hugely enjoyable movie.

Matthew G (gb) wrote: Mostly just boring. Certainly not as good as I remember.

Caitlin L (it) wrote: An interesting movie. Kind of dragged a little.