Hosszú vágta

Hosszú vágta

This movie is about the love and protection of a man from another culture from the lowly horsemen of the plains in Hungary during World War II.

This movie is about the love and protection of a man from another culture from the lowly horsemen of the the plains in Hungary during World War II. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin S (mx) wrote: Ho-hum. Had potential to be either hilarious satire or social commentary, ended up being kind of a plodding creepy thing where living people seem more interested in the zombies than other humans. Carrie Anne Moss is smokin' hot in this though. If that's any consolation, and Tim Blake Nelson is pretty funny...it is a shame that Billy Connolly doesn't have anything to do but stand there...

Anthony S (gb) wrote: Good cast, but the story goes absolutely nowhere. Script is weak and the acting isn't up to par to what these actors usually do.

Movie K (us) wrote: I feel this prequel was better slightly than the 1st movie. Although from the trivia this movie was made first before the MIA. Beginning we see how Chuck Norris and his 4 other soldiers (Steven Williams, Cosie Costa, Joe Michael Terry & John Wesley) board a chopper to escape but is gun down. They end up in a secret POW camp govern by crazy Colonel Soon-Teck Oh, who so insist Chuck confess to his crimes and doesn't treat them all as POW but common criminals. Steven has already defect to the baddies side and can't persuade Chuck to confess. Every occasion Soon will torture random POW. One day they hear helicopter and thought it is America cavalry but end up it is a French businessman dealing opium with Soon. He bring along prostitutes and ammo for him. During this time, Joe manage to escape into the jungle. But Soon predict he will die out there. An Australian secretly take photos of the site and is caught. He tell Soon he is part of a team to find POW camp and if he didn't report back, his position will reveal and troops will come. Soon is almost tricked. Turns out he is just alone and nosey trying to find POW sites. The French return and he expose the Australian as a fake. Soon execute him. John is sick with malaria and fainted. Chuck is not going to let him die and so confess to the crime and exchange for antidote. After he sign the confession, Soon let them in a luxury room. But John didn't get well as it is opium overdose. Soon put him on fire. Cosie is isolated in the hole. Next morning, Chuck pretend to die from hanging himself. The guard come in and he twist the guard neck and escape. Soon take the chopper to search but to no avail. Chuck return to the site to take weapons. The prisoner Bennett Ohta who is Captain distract the soldiers for Chuck to do his work. Chuck burns the 2 guards and the link bridge. He return to save Cosie and they manage to escape far. Cosie use the ropes the Australian left to repel down the waterfall. Chuck continues to fight and hide his escape. Soon is not happy and wanted to kill Steven, but he says he knows how Chuck is gonna operate. While hiding, Joe reunite with Chuck. Turns out he survive after escaping. The deputy pretend to kill Soon to lure Chuck out but they know he is a fake from the boots. Chuck open the cell hatch but the prisoners are not inside. It is full of soldiers and Chuck throw a grenade to blow them all dead. Cosie is capture. Steven pretend to want to kill him but shoot the rest instead. Himself is shot dead. Then Chuck and Joe begin attack and rescue the others. They surround Soon in his hut and blow it up. Cosie take the chopper and fly the rest away. Soon got out of a basement hatch unharmed. Chuck stay back knowing his trick. They fight hand combat and Soon is defeated. Chuck leaves and then detonate the timer and blow the hut up. All of them leave by the chopper.

Michael W (gb) wrote: A worthy finish to the original trilogy, wraps things up nicely with good conquering evil. Lucas' trend for characters aimed at children begins with the teddy-bear Ewoks. Credit Lucas with probably the greatest trilogy of all-time, although this one falls short of the stellar original and Empire.

I dont know w (ru) wrote: This actually looks pretty cool.

Thanasi G (ag) wrote: a family fun movie for all!!!

Victoria Z (gb) wrote: I love a good mystery and this was a mystery unlike any other I have ever see. Gone Girl should described the word insanity.

Chris M (au) wrote: Totally forgot how sharp, funny, and genuine this one is.

Gkhan G (gb) wrote: k noktas ve konusu olduka ilgin olsada bir t 1/4r ksr dng 1/4den kurtulamyor.