Hostile Waters

Hostile Waters

Based on true events, an American submarine collides into a Soviet sub of the coast of America and an ensuing standoff occurs that could lead to total annihilation.

In October 1986, a Russian submarine carrying nuclear missles collides with an American nuclear submarine off the coast of Bermuda. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel W (br) wrote: Brilliant movie!!!!!!

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Armando B (gb) wrote: A good heist movie with a decent cast and some clever dialogue, plus a twist ending that you really don't see coming. Good product from Canada...

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Bengt W (mx) wrote: Som en remake p After Hours i Los Angeles. Inte lika inspirerat som Scorseses film, men underhllande dumheter nr Goldblum trtt p sitt dagliv testar vad nattlivet kan erbjuda, resultatet? Sex, terrorism och tokiga upptg - What else?

Paul M (ca) wrote: Unlike the first film this has the Benetton ad kids against the world and rather than them taking over the world they are here to save us. All sorts of political and religious undertones within in the film make it a bit preachy but still kind of creepy.

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