Hot Cars

Hot Cars

Story of a salesman lured into the "hot car" racket.

A salt-of-earth family man needs money for his sick son, and decides to keep a job at a used car lot despite realizing it is selling stolen cars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy P (ca) wrote: The only reason it got 1 star is because it had to, it wouldn't let me do no star, I hate that I paid $5.99 to watch that and feel really bad for the people that went to the movies and paid, made the show way over the top and tried to make that the funny stuff, way to much, not even a resemblance to funny at all, as of now worse show I ever saw part of, terrible????????, don't waste your money, do your self and who ever you might be with a favor and wait till it's free to watch, you'll look forward to the commercials trust me??

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 75%Saw this on 7/5/16Killer Joe is violent, full of nudity (Double Thumbs Up) and a daring effort from director Willaim Friedkin. However, the film's art hous movie like pacing and lack of thrills make it a bit disappointing.

Vjosana S (mx) wrote: interesting and funny. the movie resolved very easily and quickly near the end though. I wasn't convinced by the "lesson" of the story because i found it one-sided and predictable in way.

dreshone r (nl) wrote: Tamara is a good movie

Damon R (jp) wrote: My idea of a good time.

Duncan K (au) wrote: It isn't necessarily a bad thing when a film is left with unsolved issues because audience interpretation is a key part of certain movies. However, it does become a problem if the film is slow moving, shot in a confusing manner, and hard to follow because after all the confusion the audience would generally want to know why they were confused. Withholding that from them by means of an unresolved ending will probably just cause frustration.

Scott S (de) wrote: Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) -- [7.0] -- A mysterious carnival rolls into town, granting wishes at a sinister cost in Disney's adaptation of the Ray Bradbury story. I wish the film were more strongly from the perspective of the two leading boys and that their parts were better written. But this is still a pretty entertaining fable that achieves some genuinely spooky moments. Jonathan Pryce steals the show as the carnival's leader, Mr. Dark. Pryces' scenes with Jason Robards, including one where he offers Robards restored youth, are the movie's finest. An exciting climax and a brooding, romantic James Horner score help swing the film into good favor. With Pam Grier and Diane Ladd.

Johnny R (br) wrote: classic. A must watch every Christmas

Robert W (br) wrote: Cool 'Blaxploitation' flick. Pan Grier is dynamite in the title role. She blasts the bad guys away! This is a B-grade flick. Don't expect a deep plot and huge production values. It's thin, has gratituous nudity, and plenty of shooting. What the hell, enjoy it!

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BRiana C (kr) wrote: Pitch perfect was a fun, light hearted movie that I enjoyed, and is most definitely a good movie.Some people have commented that Pitch Perfect depicts a middle school girl's idea of what college is like and I totally agree. When I first watched the movie in 2012, I was a lot closer to that age and enjoyed the movie a lot more because of it. Now being in college and rewatching it, I definitely had mixed feelings about it. It is a flamboyantly weird movie that depicts little to none of the actual academic part of college.What I did enjoy about the movie was its embrace of strong female figures. Although presented as the antagonist of Beca early on, I almost admired Aubrey's drive to achieve perfection. I loved how the film embraces its really 'weird' characters like Lilly and Benji. That in itself was a good social commentary in the film; that people can be different and odd and that's okay.As far as this being classified as a 'good' movie, I believe it is. The way the director handled the allusion/theme of The Breakfast Club throughout the movie was nicely done. It was apparent when Beca cried after watching the film that her character had finally arched and she found that it was okay to understand and empathize with people even if they were different than her.