Hot Rods to Hell

Hot Rods to Hell

While on a business trip, Tom Phillips is in a car accident caused by a reckless driver. Tom survives the accident with a severe chronic back injury which results in him not being able to continue with his current business. The Phillips' buy a motel in the California desert and Tom with his wife Peg and their two children, Tina and Jamie make the long road trip to their new home. As they approach their destination they are terrorized by reckless teenage hot-rodders looking for kicks.

While on a business trip just before Christmas, Tom Phillips gets into a car accident, which was caused by the reckless driving of the other car involved. Although Tom suffered no paralysis... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica H (de) wrote: Fun film with a good amount of giggles towards the end with a weak middle and grand start.

Juan Diego L (gb) wrote: Es muy entretenida, los personajes son muy interesantes, las criaturas muy buen hechas y raras como siempre el estilo de Guillermo del Toro, Hellboy es un personaje intimidante pero sensible y agradable, eso lo hace tener ms relacin con nosotros.

Liam C (de) wrote: Just wow. Peter Jackson's pre-Lord of the Rings stuff has to be some of the most disgustingly creative things that I've ever seen. It's just so original and so zany that you can't help but love it. Braindead is an amazing horror comedy that is just wholly enjoyable and I'm glad I've finally seen it, ending this quasi-trilogy.If you've come this far you probably know what to expect from this movie but if you can't get over the set up that would never ever happen in real life then you should probably not watch this. Yeah, it is true that it doesn't make sense for them to keep that rat thing or whatever it is and yes I'll admit it bothered me for a little bit but it didn't take me out of the movie like I assume it might for some. However, the movie more than makes up for it with its bonkers story and committed performances from actors who embrace the crazy and really put their all into it.The story felt natural and didn't have any lame coincidences in it, it all flowed naturally from the set up to the opening credits to the story. The characters are well written and have good relationships with each other and they all stand out in this colourful cast. The story isn't what I expected it to be, I thought it'd be a horror-comedy of a man trying to live with his zombie mother and that's it, which could be funny on its own but I had no idea that this is what we got, it's just insane. So much goes on in such a short time frame that it's really impressive that all of it works and nothing feels rushed. I might say that story flowed naturally but there's a point about 3/4 of the way in where everything just unleashes and you finally see and understand why it has been named one of the goriest movies of all time. The effects in this are really impressive and it shows once again what can be done if you spend your budget wisely and know what you're doing, heck they even had some money left over and that was spent on the park scene.The only major thing that bugged me was that Lionel never told anyone for the longest time what was going on, that isn't a problem with the movie specifically but that is just something that bugs me in general in movies, I like characters to explain themselves, especially when they're being called a freak because they're not being honest. Seriously, if he just told someone what was going on or showed them then I would have been less bugged by it but that isn't the movies fault and to be fair it does provide some great comedy, so that's a plus. And even though it was awesome, that fight in he graveyard really took me out of it when it started, it was just so silly and it reminded me that I was watching a movie. And I saw the perfect place for them to insert a strangle joke just because it happens to Lionel so much that you can't do anything BUT laugh about it.This movie is just pure fun, it took me awhile to write anything about this because I didn't even know what to say, it's just so enjoyably crazy and immersive that I couldn't think of anything other than the words, 'watch this', but here we are. Braindead is a fantastic horror comedy, probably one of the best, and an excellent showcase for what can be done with a small budget and his last exploitative hurrah before becoming mainstream.

Pauline S (ru) wrote: Awww the 2 Cory's at it again.

Reagan W (ru) wrote: I waited this whole movie for them to play Jai Ho and it never happened. Horrible.

Joon K (br) wrote: Whoever doesn't like this movie is gay

Gordon T (fr) wrote: TOTALLY 100% . . . when "www" dot EXHUMEDFILMS dot com screened this (in PITTMAN, NEW JERSEY) as the first-half of a double-bill with CANNIBAL FEROX I intended to come late in order to only catch CANNIBAL FEROX because I was having to drive 4-hours from my home in VIRGINIA to my family's house "Up North" at the time to catch the www dot EXHUMEDFILMS . com screenings at the time!!!! It turns out I wasn't "late" at all--the screening was two-hours late in beginning anyway! GOODBYE UNCLE TOM is GREAT: an accurate portrayal of what slavery must have been like in some places in the "DIRTY 'NO-GOOD' AMERICAN SOUTH." Harriet Beecher Stowe the author of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN suddenly appears to The Plantation half-way into the film and she's dressed-up to resemble a Witch with wind blowing through her hair and causing the candles at the master's table to wane while she INTONES the "harbinger of Slavery's End" when "Black Folk will Rise-up and have their revenge!!!!" The whole of FAREWELL UNCLE TOM seems like a group of Italian Filmmakers trying to incite Black People in America to RIOT against "whitey;" towards the end, GOODBYE UNCLE TOM switches from "slave-days" to present-day (1974) it has a Black Guy sitting under palm trees on a FLORIDAN beach reading NAT TURNER'S CONFESSIONS and then has a scene where two Black Guys bust into a white couple's bedroom readying to chop-them-up with axes and then It cuts back to the Black Guy sitting under the Palm Tree staring down a White Kid while a VOICE OVER says, "RISE-UP, RISE-UP HAVE YOUR REVENGE!!!!" by this time the entire EXHUMEDFILMS . com screening was dead-quiet and I was saying "AWESOME!!!!" because I LOVE movies that "TELL THE TRUTH" about stuff. . . . after the lights came up, my buddy said "Goodbye, Uncle Tom" was kind of racist. I didn't think it was racist . . . The Black Guys getting ready to chop-up the White People with the axes at the end reminds me of TOM AND JERRY and ROADRUNNER cartoons; its imagined, revenge-violence (totally make-believe); if people really did break-in to other people's homes and actually chopped them up with axes then that would be APPALLING because VENGEANCE is GOD'S ALONE . . . seeking revenge only hurts everybody. FAREWELL UNCLE TOM ROCKS!!!!!! (a rarely-seen portrayal of slavery in America) (probably GOODBYE UNCLE TOM is "rarely seen" because it makes people uncomfortable). --come to think of it: The Greatest Critic Ever: PAULINE KAEL actually REVIEWED GOODBYE UNCLE TOM for THE NEW YORKER . . . of course she panned the film . . . "MONDO CANE takes on SLAVERY" she referred it as being. but, I'm glad someone is "important" in the field of film criticism such as PAULINE KEAL actually took the time to review FARWWELL, UNCLE TOM.

Maranda F (es) wrote: This is such a classic.