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The stooges are government agent entrusted with protecting professor Sneed, who has invented a super rocket fuel. Larry is mistaken for the professor by foreign agents who kidnap the trio and take them to the country of Anemia where they are ordered to produce the rocket fuel or be executed. The boys come up with a concoction they try to pass of as the real stuff, but are exposed when the real professor and his daughter are also kidnapped. The stooges help them escape, using their secret formula to fuel a jeep.

The stooges are government agent entrusted with protecting professor Sneed, who has invented a super rocket fuel. Larry is mistaken for the professor by foreign agents who kidnap the trio ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reece L (jp) wrote: With "Tom at the Farm", Dolan balances a variety of conflicting genres and tones to create a deeply unsettling story about a broken, possibly incestuous family who's troubles are predicated upon unspoken truths, ignorance, and repressed sexual desire that all lead to cyclical abuse and disturbing violence.

Julio Csar R (nl) wrote: LO MEJOR...que entretiene, y es una buen propuesta de cine espaol.LO PEOR..que el guin se huele a metros, y que el presupuesto se queda corto para rodar la historia que tratapd.. porque se siguen empeando en regalar topples que no vienen a cuento en el cine espaol.

DeShawn M (gb) wrote: I don't remember this movie being released in the theater nevertheless it was recommended to me by a coworker. Wow! Plot was interesting to say the least. I don't want to give it away but well worth the watch.

VAL (jp) wrote: this movie had me crying alot.since i have a mother similar to tghe character of Alfe Woodard

Sarah M (jp) wrote: nice songs... plus srk looks good...

Vasco M (de) wrote: The psychological conflict is heartfelt, and the director's psyche split right open for the world to not only see, but also experience. This was the conclusion of something special, yet very disturbing. It's unfathomable, yet perfectly understandable, why the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime is so acclaimed and was such an propelling engine to the popularization of anime in general - especially when considering the fact that all the characters are so miserable. It's hard to not recommend the anime + movie to anyone when considering the underlying psychological experience viewers might go through - or even suffer through. One thing is for sure though, and that is that the series was masterfully crafted.

Tarek R (mx) wrote: every jazz fan should watch this amazing movie

Jim H (ag) wrote: A woman with literary aspirations falls for an upper class man who tempts her toward marriage, away from her work.The film sets up a familiar dichotomy: Sybylla finds that she must either pursue her career ambitions or settle down to the expectations of Victorian society and marry. Obviously, this is a familiar construct, one replayed to perfection in Henry James's Portrait of a Lady, but what I found lacking in My Brilliant Career was an exploration of who Sybylla is as an artist. After all, whether or not her book is good and should be written is significant. Instead, what becomes clear is how she doesn't fit in with Victorian, upper-class society and seems even more out of place with lower class society. Her only connection is with Harry Beecham, whom she rejects to pursue her work. Overall, because one side of the conflict is never fully explored, I found most of My Brilliant Career lacking.

Scott R (ca) wrote: Gran Torino is a very good movie, which loses out on the chance to be great due to a surprisingly flat performance by star/director/producer Eastwood. Clint plays Walt Kowalski. an old-school, cuss-mouthed, gun-totin', beer-guzzlin', slur-throwin', scowling, grunting, grumpy, contemptuous Korean War vet and right honorable SOB, coping with the loss of his wife and interacting begrudgingly with the Asian Ethnic enclave that has taken over his neighborhood. For a long while we tag along with Walt as he slowly warms to his "gook" neighbors, particularly cheeky and precocious teenager Sue (Ahney Her in a wonderful performance), and her younger brother Thao, who Walt catches trying to steal his '72 Gran Torino for a local gang. Eventually Walt takes the boy under his wing, but as the boy wises up the threat of retaliation by the thugs he snubbed threatens the whole neighborhood.Unfortunately for us, Clint plays Walt as a caricature of the man he could be rather than the man himself. For a man with such a ripe and conflicted background he carries no nuance whatsoever, beating the "I'm pissed at the world and I'll say whatever the f%&k I want" drum over, and over, and over. The result is a wonderfully long string of unintentional comedy permeating the first two-thirds of the film. Were Eastwood to follow these laughs and the thus-far pleasant, predictable plot to the end, he would have made an unremarkable but perfectly entertaining film.Gran Torino aspires to be above that, but by the time it speeds up and turns to a dark, compelling place befitting that aspiration, we're too stuck in the silliness to become engrossed, and when it reaches its poignant and powerful end, I found it hard to be moved. Depsite the disjuncture, Gran Torino is a strong film, and well worth a watch or two. Had Eastwood breathed a bit more life into his character in the early goings, however, he would have elevated the film to a much higher level.

Scott W (br) wrote: I lost interest after one woman (Drew Barrymore) told her friend if it was destiny then it was okay to pursue a married man. That ruined the movie for me.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 (1943) For Whom The Bells Toll DRAMA/ WAR Based on Ernest Hemingway's book about an American fighter, Gary Cooper fighting alongside the Republic against fascists while in Spain by blowing things up! It wasn't until he was given another assignment to blow up a particular bridge is what 90% of this movie dwells on and while their meets a refugee (Ingrid Bergman)who eventually falls in love with him! Despite it's running time of 156 minutes, when it was supposed to be 170 minutes, this film still feels quite long and pointless. Viewers can't seem to grasp onto anything memorable what they can't get from other films that consist of similar themes! 2 out of 4

Dan M (ca) wrote: Who knew a movie about the investigative process into Watergate would be sooooo boring. Two hours of typing, phone calls, interviews with people saying they won't talk.. ugh. They should have got Jack Bauer on the case, it would have made it a lot more interesting.