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A cop pursues the Mob for revenge as well as personal honor.

A cop pursues the Mob for revenge as well as personal honor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip D (ca) wrote: By all accounts, Into The Forest should have been great and certainly looked the part in the trailers. A couple of dynamic female leads, a beautiful Canadian set piece, a nice post-apocalyptic backdrop and a chance to tell, in the spirit of the original novel the film was adapted from, a feminist story of female resilience in the face of the world's end. Instead, Into The Forest asks us to suspend disbelief and then suspend our suspension as the storyline dives, from the first scene, into moment after moment of what-the-actual-hell. Be it the winter that never comes, the months of puzzling inaction or the absolute contradiction presented by their situation, one can't help but scream in frustration at the insanity of it all. The father fails to check the bolts on his chainsaw, after being the very picture of caution and experience prior to his moment of forgetfulness. Ellen Page's character leaves the car trunk open and no one notices this problem for an entire night. Both the girls decide that studying and dancing are clearly more important end times pursuits, as opposed to fixing a clearly leaking roof or collecting badly needed food or literally anything else. The girls are petty, silly, ditzy, helpless and selfish for nearly the entire film without any real explanation why. And, inexplicably, the harsh post-apocalyptic world actually obliges them for the most part. The weather (and sun) cooperate to create picturesque birthing scenes, the seasons don't change, rain disappears as needed and even antagonists appear at just the right times. Into The Forest is an atrocity of convenience and of lazy writing, which is rampant in the dialogue as well, which appears to have been written by someone who has never heard human conversation before. And that brings us to the director choice here. Rumor has it that the producers insisted on this lady but who could say for sure. All I know is that Rozema hasn't directed in nearly a decade, when she brought the American Girl brand to the big screen in Kit Kittredge, which we all know was really heavy on complex, emotionally involved dialogue between two adult characters. Frankly, her inclusion on this project is completely puzzling. Nothing on her resume suggests this would even be up her alley but here we are. And it really is unfortunate. Into The Forest is, hypothetically, a great opportunity for female leads to shine in a feminist story. However it appears that George Miller, a man, will remain king in this respect, after this and 2013's Tracks both failed to take gold female material and treat it with even an ounce of competency. In fact, this actually highlights an exceptionally low budget effort from Tom Hammock in 2014 called The Last Survivors, an excellent, female centered apocalyptic drama that checks a lot of the boxes that Into The Forest fails to achieve. But instead of that gritty, hard hitting drama, Rozema creates two obnoxious, self absorbed white faux-feminists who proceed to act out their best delusions of matriarchal bliss against the surprisingly forgiving Canadian climate. It's a stunning failure for these great actresses and for A24, which has been on a hell of a roll lately. It's a damn shame for starving female audiences as well, who will have to just keep waiting for strong female-lead films.

william m (de) wrote: A British boy must survive the drama of magic school, witness the snake gang ruin everything, and morn the death of his gay wizard friend.

Alec B (mx) wrote: It might be tempting to simply dismiss the movie as Cold War propaganda, but Williams' deeply affecting performance (one of his very best) transcends any political agenda the film may or may not have . . . which is probably the point.

Jens L (mx) wrote: I like Marvel movies...but let's face it, I can't stand Ben Affleck and his terrible acting...Jennifer Garners neither...a pretty face and fake green eyes won't do it, girl. The score is tastefully terrible god, it's like the director was an 80s fan...the actual tv series is superior in every single aspect.

007 W (ru) wrote: Ghostbusters is really good, it's funny and so much fun and definitely better than the rebooted version

Invader T (jp) wrote: If you want some good laughs or just love the Despicable Me movies, then this is definitely worth checking out! ???