A splendid MP, Peter Haber, staying in a hotel with his wife, Suzanne Reuter. He has a fully booked afternoon at the Ministry, but instead intend to engage in sexual intercourse with a secretary while his wife is at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Whoever will make it all work is his subordinate, Robert Gustavsson. It's not his fault that things go wrong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren B (it) wrote: I loved the script and found the acting very believable. Tatyana Ali an the rest of the cast did a great job. Try to see if you can pick out the Jamaican locations throughout the film. Then stay until the credits to see if you guessed correctly.

Jonathan W (de) wrote: Nearly every line of dialogue is exposition, a complete failure of one of the basic principles of storytelling: "show don't tell"

Juan B (de) wrote: why can't our school be Like this

Windxchime S (kr) wrote: typical love story and extramarital affairs...

Private U (de) wrote: hilarious, heartbreaking and strangely affecting. Anna Thomson is divine.

Niklas S (nl) wrote: Harrison Ford wasn't Indy or a well astablished Han Solo yet. He was an awesome adventure actor however and he really shows that off in this great WWll movie.

Msnana R (es) wrote: I want to see this movie

DibbHansen D (de) wrote: Fun and entertaining are the two words I would pick to describe this film. Corny, yes, but fun.

Nique T (nl) wrote: The young beautiful Connie (Diahann Carroll) and her friend Lilllian (Joanne Woodward) meet up with jazz/blues musicians Eddie (Sidney Poitier) and Ram Bowen (Paul Newman) while on vacation in 1950s Paris. Both couples embark on quite different relationships but each with its own set of problems. Eddie and Connie take a more leisurely path and get to know each other as they walk around Paris. Eddie finds himself falling for the socially conscious Connie but does not want to leave the freedom of Paris to return to racism in the US in order to be with her. Connie on the other hand tells him that Paris is a place he "escapes to but home is where your roots are." In contrast Lillian and Ram fall into bed the first night. Ram warns her that he is not what she is looking for but she attempts to push past his walls anyway. Seemingly unfazed by his initial rudeness she pursues him and indicates that she is prepared to put up with his BS in order to be with him. Ram lives only for his music and dreams of becoming a serious composer. His detached sometime lover, Marie, owner of the nightclub where his band plays sums him up well in two statements (probably not verbatim but something to this effect). "Do you need me today because you're wonderful or because you're worthless" and "All you need is me or someone like me and your music" However, with Lillian Ram departs from his usual behaviour and actually spends time showing her Paris. It was a bit strange watching a classic black and white film after recent exposure to so many modern action flicks. The pacing felt kind of slow at first and the score was not always a perfect match to the action of the film but after awhile I adjusted and was able to follow the plot.

Bruno V (jp) wrote: Enough suspence in this picture ...yes !