A father struggles to keep his infant daughter alive in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Before sunrise on August 29, 2005, Nolan Hayes (Walker) arrives at a New Orleans hospital with his pregnant wife, Abigail (Rodriguez), who has gone into early labor. What should be one of the happiest days of Nolan';s life quickly spirals out of control when the birth goes tragically wrong and Hurricane Katrina ravages the hospital, forcing an evacuation. Nolan and his newborn baby are soon cut off from the world by power outages and rising flood waters. With his baby completely dependent on a ventilator Nolan faces one life-and-death decision after another, fighting to keep his daughter alive, as minute by agonizing minute passes...becoming unimaginable hours. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ingela A (fr) wrote: This is on one level a very gritty story of alcohol abuse and violence; on another it is an aesthetically realised elegy to hope and hopelessness. The beautiful images of historic Edinburgh are used unpretentiously as a backdrop to mindlessly savage beatings and physical intimidation, cinematic techniques involving varied use of lighting, colour, slow motion and overt symbolism. The artistic attempts of writer/director and former Skids band-member Richard Jobson are what make the biggest impression - hypnotically beautiful images of Edinburgh and a voice-over in that recognisable cadence, with repeating cycles of words drawing out every ounce of meaning from clichs like "hope"... He skirts clich while playing with it, trying to show the violence endemic in that society and making many references to other films ('Clockwork Orange', westerns, 'Trainspotting', Martin Scorsese, etc.). It is larger than life and demonstrates how the mythic archetypes shape the characters rather too small for the roles they want to adopt. '16 Years of Alcohol' won Richard Jobson the award for Directorial Debut at the British Independent Film Awards. It has received glowing reviews from Time Out, The Guardian, and Sight and Sound. It has played at festivals the world over. Forget the dismal comments of those too cynical to enjoy real film-making. See this poetic triumph for yourself.

Rancour C (ag) wrote: If you can ignore a handful of logic-defying moments this one is ok. Vincent Cassel is good in it anyway.

Lady D (ca) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

Terry E (ag) wrote: This is one for us men out there. Especially if you like Alyssa Milano

Daniel V (kr) wrote: [color=black][/color][color=black]Oh, "Remote". I remember watching this movie when I was just a kid. I thought it was one darn good comedy. I still do today even after analyzing it. It may not have the greatest acting, but the storyline is terrific and suspenseful but funny for children. FRESH[/color]

Private U (au) wrote: Gary Busey is such a good actor in this you almost want him hiding in your house.

Malisa P (jp) wrote: In light of Gene Wilder's recent death, AMC was honoring his legacy by premiering two of Wilder's movies in theaters: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and the 1974 film Blazing Saddles. I myself have seen Willy Wonka several times growing up, but I've never even heard of Blazing Saddles. I was given a quick and easy synopsis from someone who had seen it and grown up with it. Basically, my companion stated, "This kind of movie wouldn't have been made today with our PC culture". It's very much true pertaining to this movie it contains harsh humor, openly offensive language, and is not even apologetic about it. However, the harsh humor, openly offensive language, and unapologetic attitude are entirely what makes this film work and why it is considered a classic.

Duke A (br) wrote: I love this movie. I can't believe Elvis was in great 151 movies!!!

Scarlet C (es) wrote: Anothr Glen ford winner..

Kathleen O (mx) wrote: There are funny moments you don't see coming. This is quite a cast, surprises all the way down.

Wes S (mx) wrote: The second installment serves to be a better film than the first, now having great effects and a worthy plot with plenty of excitement. Ricardo plays a strong role, which leads to a great villain and character all around. The ending is somber and quiet, yet hopeful. Ultimately, we have a sound science-fiction space film with great performances and thrills.