Oshare (Gorgeous) is excited about spending summer vacation with her father, until she finds out that his beautiful, freakishly serene girlfriend Ryouko would be going as well. Oshare decides she will be going to her aunt's house in the country instead. She brings with her her friends from school - Fanta (who likes to take pictures, and daydreams a lot), KunFuu (who has very good reflexes), Gari/Prof (who is a major nerd), Sweet (who likes to clean), Mac (who eats a lot), and Melody (a musician). However, the girls are unaware that Oshare's aunt is actually dead and the house is actually haunted. When they arrive at the house, crazy events take place and the girls disappear one by one while slowly discovering the secret behind all the madness.

Oshare (Gorgeous) is excited about spending summer vacation with her father, until she finds out that his beautiful, freakishly serene girlfriend Ryouko would be going as well. Oshare ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle M (nl) wrote: Hard to review, but the film's really good and was well made providing good sights of the ocean and the waves. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Jelo D (gb) wrote: Mindless as expected, which is fine. But ups the anti so far it's comical. What a piece of poo.

The A (us) wrote: The Royal Tenenbaums is not Wes Anderson's best film, as it suffers from occasional inconsistencies that distract from its otherwise brilliant sequences. The movie focuses less on comedy and more on drama than the regular Anderson flick, which makes it a more mature entry than usual. That being said, it still carries a tone of quirkiness that suggests a deep meaning to its story, and the character drama is well developed and serious. All in all, it's a solid and recommendable movie with moments filled with heart, hilarity, and unfortunate reality.

bill s (es) wrote: Cute,lighthearted fare that while not great is entertaining.

Adam P (fr) wrote: Feeling like an mid-grade early Troma movie, Monster High may be bad, but its combination of self-aware campiness, slapstick, and fun gore effects (including killer Converse and a giant weed monster devouring a stoner, something you may remember from Scary Movie 2) make it an enjoyable and occasionally funny genre romp. Not really as smart as its Kaufman cousins, but original and inspired enough in the off-beats to merit a watch.

Chad H (ca) wrote: The Amazing Mr.X starts off a little slow but then starts to pick up some speed. Its a very interesting and unique old School type thriller. It has an interesting way of shifting the bar to subtle to making you guess what could possibly happen next. Although this movie can appear boring at times, it is a great opening into a psychological portal of the late 1940's. The actors also play their character roles with great feeling that also adds to the mystique of the entire film. Old School movie fans will definitely enjoy this intriguing thriller. Overall the movie is decent with some minor kinks in it, it lacks in the action department but the story plot makes up for this flaw. I definitely recommend this to any Old School Horror/Thriller fan.

Brendan A (au) wrote: A potentially interesting idea- after his grandfather confesses to being a terrorist on his deathbed, a teen works this into his family history as part of a school history report, and broadcasts the results on the net; but is unprepared for what the true story is that surrounds the controversy. While well acted, how much you enjoy this depends on whether or not you are an Egoyan fan- I must say I'm not. I found this movie to be rather slow moving and found that though it was interesting in parts I was tempted to speed up the DVD in places when I felt my patience was being tested (and I'll admit patience is not one of my virtues!). Very well acted and beautifully filmed though.

Noe D (de) wrote: Awesome. Classic... don't ever remake this

Muffin M (gb) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray

Bonnie S (ru) wrote: The best documentary out this year and it is not because of the way it was executed, it is because of the message it carries.Once again, we are witnessing what happens when someone stands up for their and others individual liberties. Just as with the 2013 documentary "Internet's Own Boy" about Aaron Swartz, we are once again dealing with someone being wrongfully jailed for standing up for libertarian principles to defend our freedoms. This time, the subject is much deeper than the issue of Creative Commons or freedom of information: it is about a radically libertarian crypto-anarchic philosophy, also known as our right to buy and sell things in a way the government has no way of controlling what people buy and sell, using the means of combining Bitcoin and Tor to create an anonymous market based on the libertarian principles of not allowing products that's main purpose is to harm innocent people or that it was necessary to harm innocent people to bring to market, such as anything stolen, counterfeit money and coupons which are used to defraud people, hit-men or child pornography.This documentary brings the solution to the war on drugs and the creator of the website being jailed for putting that solution into effect. As much as government action dealing with the matter is predictable, yet revolting, Deep Web's message is worth being heard.

Harry W (au) wrote: Nannt McPhee didn't have all that much surface appeal to me because I merely saw it as a childish comedic satire of Mary Poppins. But like the magical Nanny McPhee herself, looks can be deceiving. Nannt McPhee does follow the Mary Poppins concept very closely, being a story about a magical nanny sent in to help out a troubled family burdened by unruly children, yet she teaches them through a set of humorous punishment as opposed to joyful experiences. It's a lot more realistic in that sense because it's easier to teach a child through punishment than through reinforcement, and a humorous look at that is indeed an original concept. The main success of Nanny McPhee comes from its natural charm, since the atmosphere is gleeful and charmingly comedic, like an original Disney movie with contemporary visual qualities and a silly colourful production design. Nanny McPhee is more likely to appeal to the younger audiences, but it is in fact consistently entertaining due to a lot of its moral messages and cleverly scripted humour, but most of all the work of its talented cast.Emma Thompson of course has to be the appropriate standout of the audience, giving a charismatic lead performance as the titular Nanny McPhee with all the quirky comedic charm that is ideal for the character. Her work on the script assists her in characterising her perfectly, and she's constantly a joyful presence for the screen to benefit from. She makes Nanny McPhee a delightful romp and one with all the entertaining comedic charm necessary to pass.And Colon Firth's natural British charm is good which helps him find the ability to have a natural comedic chemistry with all the other cast members, and gives it another good name to hold to itself.And of all the juvenile cast members, the skills of Thomas Sangster are the strongest and most successfully humourous in combatting Nanny McPhee and creating a strong sense of chemistry between the two of them.Really, Nanny McPhee is childish, predictable and silly. But it's never excessive in doing so but does it just right enough thanks to the charms of Emma Thompson.