House of 9

House of 9

Nine strangers wake up in a house with no recollection how they got there and no way out. The voice on the PA introduces them to a grisly game they must play. The prize is $5 million and their life.

Nine strangers, with no apparent connection between them are abducted: drugged, kidnapped and sealed in a house together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


House of 9 torrent reviews

Bradley O (kr) wrote: Pretty much horrendous. It is terribly acted, ridiculously predictable, and pointlessly scripted. Take Henry out the title and put horrid after the, then you have the movie

Inta K (de) wrote: good thriller movie! nice story!

Darren C (fr) wrote: Very Watchable, Intelligence And An Open Mind Are Required

Sandra V (jp) wrote: Cheesy but has some good ideas and twists on the familiar plus a great cast of familiar faces.

Mahesh M (es) wrote: to quote the film itself, "it was nice, but unremarkable." the real payoff is the sequel "fay grim" and this movie sets up for it well. only after seeing the second movie will you get a clearer picture of henry's character.

Alejandro C (ag) wrote: Una mezcla de western y ciencia ficcin de mediocre calidad. Ni la aparicin de figuras como George Takei, Julie Newmar y Isaac Hayes la salva. No la recomiendo

Srn G (br) wrote: Einfld og frekar groddaleg, oft er eini tilgangurinn a hneyksla en samt er eitthva svo Almodvar-klikka vi hana a a er gaman a henni.

Ronan M (de) wrote: This makes the zombie sub genre look ridiculous. An ending that is so piss poor and so generic, that i really do wonder how Lenzi even got the funding for this. The dubbing is some of the worst i have ever seen, along with Scenarios that make no sense whatsoever. Characters that have no sense of whats going on around them + the lack of personality they have. Zombies (or infected people) looks like a half ass attempt at creating something remotely scary. Terrible.

Vincent H (mx) wrote: A great flick with Babe Ruth no less! However, after the Ruth scene the rest of the ending kind of lost it for me.

Eric F (jp) wrote: If you don't like this movies, and don't shed a tear at the end. You are un-American.

Will L (es) wrote: Stupidly awesome and awesomely stupid; it's undeniably entertaining, despite some of it being unintentional. Although, I gotta say, I'm thinking most of Nicholas Cage's wackiness was on purpose (maybe not to John Woo, but at least to Cage himself).

Mark L (gb) wrote: I absolutely loved this. I'd recommend "Swimming To Cambodia" first for a flavour of the man, but this is just cleverly done and brilliantly put together.