House of Bodies

House of Bodies

Detective Starks works to solve a case involving a young deaf boy and a voyeur house website, webcast from the very house where Bishop committed the murders years before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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283 3 (fr) wrote: An unexpectedly fun, humorous and touching story with Lily Collins airing a wonderfully captivating rendition of the song 'Rules Don't Apply.' Her acting was on point. Warren Beatty out did himself as producer, director actor and on the fly re-writer! Loved this time piece and can only hope more are created at this caliber.

John W (us) wrote: The problem with the film is that by focusing on one character, the "epic" climax loses its power.

Shafquat G (nl) wrote: A sizzling thriller.

Angie T (ru) wrote: OMG is Shawn Yue ever in a movie that's not about cops & mafia???

Rex L (gb) wrote: Erotically charged thriller with an always worthwhile Tilda Swinton shining bright.

Lovro H (ag) wrote: Highly amusing and often laugh out loud funny comedy with an awesome lead! This movie's story is quite weird and interesting. Even has a twist ending (which was funny, but nothing spectacular)! Mike Myers does a good job in this movie as a paranoid romantic lead. Most of the jokes are very funny, although some aren't as funny as they're supposed to be. Riddiculous movie, I gotta say. Worth a watch, nevertheless.

Jacob F (de) wrote: Really only worth seeing as historical curiosity.

mitchell m (ag) wrote: after having my ears bleed from the atrocity of titanosaurus' roar and my ginger shit friend holden talking about this.i finally saw this horrid movie that my man hold(walt dies)en said it was good, but it wasnt yo, no ill tell you why this movie sucked oya and katsura dies[reasons this movie sucked]titanosauruswalt didnt die (he does in the end of breaking bad tho)titanosaurus

Tom D (ag) wrote: Petri tries his hand at comedy and pop culture in this futuristic romp. Mastroianni is great.

Ben C (mx) wrote: a really awesome film. great performance by monte clift.

Paul C (kr) wrote: Typical Sam Fuller war movie - not that that's a bad thing. More of a character study than an all-out war flick - and apparently features an early career cameo by James Dean, though i missed it!

Stefanie F (it) wrote: This is an intense, powerful movie full of actual footage from the war. Stephen Dillane is fabulous!

Chenoa N (mx) wrote: I feel that this movie shows that you can find love in the most unlikely of places, and that to me is a good message. Don't look for love, let it fall on top of you... twice.