House Of Evil

House Of Evil

A couple moves to an old mansion in the countryside, but the mansion has secrets…

A young couple move into an old & isolated house out in the country hoping to get away from the pressures of the big city, only to discover that the mansion has secrets... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Freeson W (gb) wrote: Fun but ending up being a pretty shallow parody of rom coms. Still fun with some of my favorite actors.

Alex A (ru) wrote: Maybe Zal Batmanglij & Brit Marling should have written an ending before even making this movie.

Devanshu A (jp) wrote: Very interesting to begin with, but lost me somewhere in the middle and the end just fizzled. Slice of life format was nice but could have been a little more funny I think. However worth watching.

John L (kr) wrote: This film *REQUIRES* viewing it through the eyes of a prepubescent child! The German released Blu-ray and I believe the DVD both have a short video Foreword by Gilliam that, in part, explains and requests this. The story is told primarily through the eyes of a 9-year old, even if it's not often from a "first person" point of view. It also requires being able to appreciate the capacity for prepubescent children to have and exercise extensive imagination without losing ability to discern the difference between fantasy and reality, or losing their sanity. Failing to do this results in missing the inherent innocence of various scenes as Jeliza-Rose copes with the extremely bleak and sometimes gruesome world around her. There are clues throughout, albeit sometimes subtle, that she never does lose sight of what's fact and fiction, or what's real and fantasy. She does chose to ignore fact and reality until she has a means of coping with it. At times she creates a very logically rational interpretation of what she observes, albeit an incorrect one as she simply doesn't have the necessary knowledge or experience to truly "know" what she sees. In summary, she's never over the edge like the mentally retarded "boy," Dickens, that she befriends, who is mentally incapable of (completely) discerning the difference between fantasy and reality.It's not as strong as some of Gilliam's other films, but it's not his weakest either. It's also not superficial entertainment. Perhaps that combined with inability or unwillingness to see it with the mind of a child is what makes the film so troublesome to many. A number of scenes are easily repulsive to an adult, but quite credible and very acceptable through the eyes of a 9-year old, without any mental trauma. Those who had a significant portion of their childhood play time left unstructured or at worst semi-structured, requiring the use of imagination to create, self organize and carry out activities, will more easily comprehend and appreciate Jeliza-Rose's imagination and how she uses it. Those who had crippled childhoods that were structured 24/7 by adults armed with endless rules and procedures about what to do, how to do it and when to do it, even in play by themselves or with others, won't likely have a clue about what's going on in this film. I pity them as they never had a *real* childhood.Four stars for creating a film with insight about the capacity of childhood imagination and the resilience of children when surrounded by bleakness, tragedy and gruesomeness.

Andrew B (it) wrote: As a huge movie fan and heavy metal fan I could not wait to see this movie about Metallica. At this point in their decorated career the band has been past their prime for quite some time now. Still attracting huge audiences at live shows there will always be die hard Metallica fans because of their epic work in the mid and late 80s in the heavy metal scene. Regardless if they are past their prime or not, they are still one of the biggest bands in the world that are talented musicians. This movie gives you a really personal look at how a huge band puts together a record for the masses. But it is more than just a documentary about a heavy metal album, its a really intimate look at the band. The trouble within the band has been well documented over and over in the media, but you never really got a true behind the scenes look at what was going on. What we see for the most part is huge egos mixed with artistic integrity and a desire to stay on top forever. Listen, Metallica has made enough money to last them 900 lifetimes over again, so this isn't about a down and out band that is broke and needs to make a record to earn a living. This is about a band that is struggling to adapt to a younger audience while keeping their loyal fans by staying truly heavy in the process. I found it to be really fascinating to watch how these guys work together without strangling one another. There is so much tension in this movie between band mates that they actually have to have a therapist come in and do sessions with the band !! One has to wonder if it is even worth the aggravation to continue to do this ? Its a very interesting look at one of the biggest bands in the world. The funny part about it is that this movie is way better than the album they recorded during the filming, which was possibly their worst album to date.

Steve S (de) wrote: a pretty smart and well done film taking some elements of not so great films like "five fingers" and duds like "untraceable". jason behr does a good job in the main role, being tortured by having his senses taken away from him gradually. saw the twist coming at the end, but it's not like it still didn't have an impact. there are a couple cringe worthy scenes in this one for sure.

Ryan S (es) wrote: Not a bad little anthology film, but considering John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper worked together on it... it should probably be better. The first story isn't anything new, really, just your basic serial killer story, but they set the atmosphere and everything really well and despite it not really being anything new, it's still quite frightening. The second story is very disturbing as well and ends with a neat little twist. The third one is very interesting as well, with Mark Hamill is a very different role, but he does quite well. So all three stories are quite good, the last two, especially the second, are very original whilst the first, like I said, isn't actually original, but it's still great. The wraparound segments, with John Carpenter, are great as well and he makes a great "Crypt Keeper" sort of character, with the disturbing demeanor and dark humor. However, you can tell this was original supposed to be the beginning of a TV series and not a movie, it just doesn't have a film feel to it, not really sure how to explain it, it just really feels like something you'd see on TV. For fans of John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper it's worth a watch, as long as you don't go in expecting it to be another Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or a combinination of both. It's not a groundbreaking horror film, like those two, but it's definitely entertaining.

Heather F (br) wrote: This movie is a true tour-de-force. If you've seen Spalding Gray's "Swimming To Cambodia", you have some idea of what to expect, but here the subject matter is more emotionally charged, the words fly faster, and the topics careen so wildly that the viewer's mind is likely to be completely blown by the end of their first watching. Amazingly, all the elements fit together into a deeply satisfying whole. The camerawork also adds to the dynamics, and the end result is a journey like no other.

Marty A (ca) wrote: 1.5 hours I'll never get back.

Pablo Josu E (de) wrote: Uno de mis primeros recuerdos asociados al cine, fue ver esta pelcula en el cine Lux, de 5 aos, con mis primos, entre la marabunta, Kerchak, Nala, Sabor, el Seor de los Monos! ... Ms de Veinte aos despu (C)s, mi grillito gritaba con el Tarzan de Disney, emulando la muerte de Sabor con su Tiger-Mvil!

Dan G (br) wrote: Featuring some of the best noir dialogue, outside of other greats such as "The Big Sleep" and "Sunset Blvd", this is pretty perfect classic detective cinema.

Jenn T (au) wrote: The narration was good and the acting was decent but the "horror" aspect was just so... lame.