House of Flesh Mannequins

House of Flesh Mannequins

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House of Flesh Mannequins torrent reviews

Philip H (fr) wrote: Watching this documentary is like eating a tasty nostalgia burger.

CB M (gb) wrote: Gere and Lane are charming in this dewy-eyed adaption of Nicholas Sparks' novel.

Stephanie M (nl) wrote: seen it it was ok

Nick S (fr) wrote: The hell did I just watch? Although crazy and seriously off the wall, it didn't really show what the actual plot describe on the back, except in the first 10 minutes. Normally when you think of these kinds of stories there usually quite sexually orientated, but this is hard to describe as it was so random that didn't link at all and didn't really give any lessons because they were as transparent as the characters shown on screen, no one seemed to learn anything at the end and if they did its too confusing to understand, and didn't really show the sexual obessions it seemed to waffle on about because it was too busy messing with your brain with stuff that didn't make sense. Maybe webcomics should be left where they were found eh?

Tamara K (de) wrote: Didn't understand it really...

Rafael F (ag) wrote: ''Even better than the original''... I don't think so...

Tyree G (jp) wrote: A super sloppy fun mess. I can't help it... when it's on I watch it. "Well "Sinead O'Rebellion." Shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior."

Sam C (ru) wrote: Supreme footage of the end of the 500GP era, with excellent interviews with some great riders, all narrated in the smooth tones of Ewan McGregor. Worth watching just to see the stunning opening sequence.

Steph S (ru) wrote: im really not a fan of sport films. They usually all have the same main story to it.