House of Horror

House of Horror

House of Horror is a 1929 American comedy-horror mystery film directed by Benjamin Christensen. The film stars Louise Fazenda and Chester Conklin and was released in both a silent and sound version which featured a Vitaphone soundtrack with talking sequences, music and sound effects. Both the silent and sound versions of House of Horror are now presumed lost.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:65 minutes
  • Release:1929
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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House of Horror torrent reviews

Ben M (gb) wrote: This movie has 41% liked? That's just wrong this movie seriously funny like LEGOAnd I want this on Blu-Ray soon

Jaime R (us) wrote: Quite an ironic title, isn't it?

Lorie M (nl) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie, as a fan of heigl and a previous fan of the book in my teens. I didn't hate it,but it wasn't particularly thrilling. it didn't really feel like any of the actors were trying to make it believable. The character of Joe Morelli was especially bad casting. It felt like they settled for the first guy with a six pack and a good squinty /cynical cop impression . Overall it was too slow paced!

Gustavo T (au) wrote: This is what cinema should be more frequently. Dolan proves to be quite a performer, a storyteller and a cinaste. That this is his debut (at age 20) makes him all the more impressive.

Rachelle B (kr) wrote: Seriously??? Ok - unless you're hard up to see soft core lesbian sex scenes (within the first 10 minutes), rape, forced blowjobs & the likes - STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE. For the women... the only cute guy in the damn movie kicks the bucket within the first 20 minutes - then all that's left are OOOGLAY rednecks, inbreeds & a disgusting old man with no dick. BAD acting, BAD writing - just BAD! A hint for the director... WOMEN watch horror movies too & aren't all that thrilled with tons of nudity & soft core pornography.

Li O (de) wrote: a bit meandering and going no-where.. it would have been nice to have a clearer conclusion/ moral/ idea at the end of it.

KJ P (nl) wrote: Disney's track record of animated classics is much more on the impressive side than not. "Treasure Planet" however, teeters on the middle ground. After having a rough childhood, Jim has visit from one of the characters of his dreams, taking him on an adventure to "Treasure Planet" on a ship through space. Meeting many friends and enemies along the way, this is a very fun family adventure film. The main downfall is that is all this film strives to be. The way it began I was hoping for some deeper moments in with the characters when they were interacting with each other, but by the end of the film it felt as though the characters had come and gone just like a real dream. I am not sure if that was the intention, but it was my biggest fault with the the film. Overall, "Treasure Planet" is well-written for a kids film, the voice acting is well-cast, and the story is something that hit home while watching, but the fact that the film does;t deliver more of what the title suggests, is a bit of a letdown. I really enjoyed watching "Treasure Planet" for what it was. I believe I will enjoy it even more the second time after knowing what to expect.

Luca D (mx) wrote: Questo film ha molti difetti ma sicuramente non gli manca l'originalit.Tra i difetti principali noto una trama troppo appiattita sugli effetti delle droghe (ovviamente sono il fulcro del racconto, ma qualcosa in pi si poteva mettere nel film oltre alle due frasi finali).L'altro difetto la regia, che prova a ridare l'effetto psichedelico ma che spesso cade nel comico e sembra che tutto il film sia una grande burla (anche qui si discosta la scena finale).Un film comunque da vedere.

Joaquin V (au) wrote: My god, this is terrible storytelling.

Robert I (es) wrote: A terrible bore of a "found footage" film. The trouble with the genre is the distance from the subjects and the sheer ridiculousness of people still recording when they are. This film is so distant from what is supposed to be happening on screen, there's absolutely no sympathy toward the terrorized family or their friends that keep being found dead. Things get so silly after a while you completely check out of the reality of the film altogether. After about an hour in I couldn't even keep up with what was supposed to be happening. I was pretty sure the father bit off his tongue in a scene, but then he's seen fine and talking a few scenes later. The family encounters the police multiple times, but they never seem to follow up on anything that they are investigating.The film is clearly modeled after the "Paranormal Activity" films and relies very little on the Bell Witch mythos. Watching the film, I was repeatedly reminded why "The Blair Witch Project" works as a film; it immersed you in the tone and tension of its world. You got to know the characters and gained some sympathy for their plight. There's no tension in this film to make it worthwhile. I don't blame the actors who have been given scenarios to act out, perhaps they were quite good, although the film doesn't do a worthy job of actually showing you their performances.I lament the filmmakers who watched the rough cut of this film and realized they had made a horror film that doesn't work at all. "C'est la vie, release it anyway!"

seth c (us) wrote: Cop Car is a fun B movie with a great performance from Kevin Bacon. It reminded me of a film from the 1970s.