House of Horrors

House of Horrors

An unsuccessful sculptor saves a madman named "The Creeper" from drowning. Seeing an opportunity for revenge, he tricks the psycho into murdering his critics.

An unsuccessful sculptor saves a madman named "The Creeper" from drowning. Seeing an opportunity for revenge, he tricks the psycho into murdering his critics. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel S (au) wrote: I would say don't watch this, but there's no reason why you would. You would take one look at it and realize it's not worth your time. When the best actor in your movie is William Sadler, and he dies in the first five minutes, the outlook is grim. Movie only gets worse as it goes along. It's not the worst kind of bad movie, but it's pretty messy with unconvincing acting, no character motivation and a plot that says absolutely nothing.

Leslie R (it) wrote: Was that political propaganda for PETA?

Justin M (ca) wrote: Great war movie that I had no idea exited until today.A bit like 'Rescue Dawn' from 2006 starring Christian Bale. Never would have thought a war film with no more than half a dozen shots fired could be so great. Humanity gets put on display during this entire movie. Desperation, insanity, forgiveness, evil. Not in that order. Whats more is these soldiers/POW's started their own 'Jungle University' with ethics class, poetry, fine arts, the whole nine. And it increased productivity in the slave work. It took an hour for it to get going but once the ball started rolling it caught some speed and the drama grew a lot more intense. If you are a fan of true stories, war, history, people changing, than check this out!

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Donald W (fr) wrote: #woodyallenretro Podcast ProjectWoody perfects his mockumentary skills from take the money and run to a perfect tee with a very interesting and fantastically shot look into this charismatic chameleon character - still holds up to this day and can fool people to even think this was real person... well... not really but great execution

Achilles P (es) wrote: If you're an empty headed movie critic who is more concerned about film-making than content, I can understand why you would think this movie is slow and uninspiring. If, however, you are an intelligent person interested in history, politics and some good war scenes, this will be one of your top picks. It is a truly remarkable recreation of the events leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the attack itself. It was made at a time when the people in the film were young enough to actually remember the attack, and some actually lived through it. The Japanese scenes really give a sense of history and culture that I don't think you can find in any other American film. Perhaps this is why the film was a much bigger hit in Japan than in the USA when it was released. Tora, Tora, Tora deserves its place in the pantheon of WWII movies.

Doug C (jp) wrote: Classic RKO noir with Robert Mitchum as an ambulance driver who gets involved with a wealthy Beverly Hills heiress and femme fatale played by Jean Simmons, who wants to get rid of her stepmother. Simmons delivers an excellent performance as a violent femme fatale, and the camerawork and subdued fatality of this film make it a classic of the genre. Great noir ending, too.

Choen L (it) wrote: One of the best choreographed silent movies I've watched, and it comes with a beautiful ending too.

Robert G (kr) wrote: Really good movie that's ambitious in its premise but it goes with it.There are some really funny lines in the movie just for the absurdity of the situation.I really recommend you watch it.