House On Haunted Hill

House On Haunted Hill

A remake of the 1959 film of the same name. A millionaire offers a group of diverse people $1,000,000 to spend the night in a haunted house with a horrifying past.

House on Haunted Hill is a American horror film directed by William Malone. The film revolves around a group of people who are invited to a party at an abandoned asylum, where they are given one million dollar for each by a mogul if they are able to survive one night in there . Secrets and problems are ahead. What await them? Enjoy the film to discover by yourself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan P (kr) wrote: The worst movie in quite a long time. I was going to avoid this but there are two hours of my life I won't get back. I can't figure out even why this movie was even made.

Donna L (ru) wrote: Certainly not the best Zombie-genre movie made. Bad acting. It was dull 3/4 of the way. The beginning was the best part.

ankush j (nl) wrote: so much for promotions...!! such a crap ..!

Adam H (us) wrote: Love this movie. Was expecting it to be another one of those hollow Japanese movies, but no, this was good.

Wu C (ca) wrote: Starts off with lots of potential, but falls short in the last couple acts.

Kim (gb) wrote: I'd rather be DEAD!!!

Jennifer A (nl) wrote: I've seen some really bad movies in my life. I mean REALLY BAD movies. I'm not talking kind of bad, I'm talking wretched. Mediocre is a step up for these sorry wastes of film. I guess the mindlessly unfunny "The Burbs" is the best of this bad lot. People sometimes forget that everything Tom Hanks is in doesn't turn to gold. He's been in some wretched films like this one. And what was Clint Eastwood thinking with this awful film? Corey Haim plus Corey Feldman equals zero. Sylvester Stallone proves once again that he can't act. And Gross Anatomy was grossly unfunny. The combined score of these five films is four. The combined hours of your life that you will never get back is nine.

Private U (it) wrote: Another Selleck Classic

Sergej P (gb) wrote: Classic Sci-Fi masterpiece.. Skynet from the 70's..

Nick M (es) wrote: a pretty good movie, i guess i was just envisioning a diffrent film when i rented it. i will say it takes some balls to make a war movie like this though, and it certainly does show just how human every soldier really is.

Ibraheem M (fr) wrote: The film relies completely on meaningless cliches and the whole relationship can be regarded as wrong, but despite that I kind of liked it. Leonel Richie also adds an amazing theme to the film at the time when Brooke Shields was young and beautiful in the early 80's.

Shawn M (au) wrote: *** This review may contain spoilers ***Please note: Although it is not written in full story, some paragraphs may contain plot information that could be a spoiler."Four Rooms" is a 1995 anthology comedy film that follows Ted the Bellhop, the lone working employee, as he works New Years Eve at the Hotel Mon Signor in Los Angeles, interacting with several guests on four different rooms. The film contains four different segments, which are the rooms he visits. Each room is written and directed by a different filmmaker.Segment 1: The Honeymoon Suite - "The Missing Ingredient" Written and directed by Allison AndersTed assists several unusual women with their luggage up to the Honeymoon suite. He soon discovers that they are a coven of witches trying to reverse a spell that was placed on their goddess 40 years earlier. However, when they learn one of them is missing an ingredient needed to complete the spell, they convince Ted to help her out in retrieving the missing ingredient.---Room Review--- This is the weakest of the rooms. Although very well conceived and directed, it doesn't have that feeling the rest of the rooms do.7/10Segment 2: Room 404 - "The Wrong Man" Written and directed by Alexandre RockwellAfter a confusing phone call from a party in a room and unsure of which floor it's on, Ted arrives to room 404 where he finds himself in the middle of a fantasy hostage situation between a husband and wife. At gunpoint, Ted is forced to participate in the scenario, with uncertainty of what is real and what is part of the fantasy.---Room Review--- Of the four segments, this is the second best one. The entire concept, story, directing, acting and comedy is stellar and all around shows how a great story can be told in a short time.9/10Segment 3: Room 309 - "The Misbehavers" Written and directed by Robert RodriguezA husband and wife pay Ted to babysit their son and daughter as they go out to a New Years party. The very stern father demands his children to not misbehave and Ted to make sure they are well taken care of. Ted, alone in the hotel, cannot stay in the room so he orders them to stay in the room and watch TV. After Ted leaves, the children begin to explore and vandalize the room. After Ted arrives back after a few more times (the events of "The Wrong Man" take place during this room), the room is in total and complete chaos, which ends in a hilarious tone as the man and wife return.---Room Review--- The best of the rooms. Rodriguez cleverly put much thought and effort into this room using all of the actors skills, especially Tim Roth and made the entire film worth it.10/10Segment 4: The Penthouse - "The Man from Hollywood" Written and directed by Quentin TarantinoAfter a famous director request several items, Ted brings them to the room and is soon acquainted with the party. Ted is asked to take part in a challenge that comes directly put of an episode of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'. Ted. Initially declines, but is offered a guarantee $100 just to listen to the request and an additional $1000 if he accepts.---Room Review--- The third best, or second "worst," depending on how you think of it. The room, of course, has the Tarantino formula of characters that never stop talking. Of course, the concept is nowhere near as original or as far fetched as the others but is still a very stellar segment. They even mention the very episode of 'Hitchcock' they use in the conversation. The ending is perfect, however for Ted to end his otherwise very odd and terrible night.8/10

Jack S (ru) wrote: Funny buddy-cop movie. Awesome over acting