A woman rents her bungalow to a man who loves cooking, but according to her distorted mind he uses his knives more than he should.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

A woman rents her bungalow to a man who loves cooking, but according to her distorted mind he uses his knives more than he should. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Venkat N (ca) wrote: 7aum Arivu is shameless rip-off from video game called "Assassins Creed". Thieve Swine dog Mr.A.R.Murugadoss used Bodhiraman to cover up his ugly face. I don't feel proud to be tamilian, rather be ashamed of being tamilian. Tamilians can do copy/paste stuff. SUCKS.........

Kimberly Salyers (ca) wrote: didn't like it that much

Mohammad B (ag) wrote: Low budget, solid performance and adaptation.

Neil R (es) wrote: It is rare that a "gay themed" movie is anything more than a list of bad one liners. This movie is that rare exception. Set in Amsterdam in 1984 at the onset of the AIDS crisis, this movie follows Frank's journey from a wild party child to someone caring for his "straight" lover dying of the "gay cancer". At the start of this film I was expecting another classic cliche gay movie but by the end I wished it would have gone on for hours longer. All the actors were brilliant with the exception of Benn Northover (Jake) who had a strong performance but seemed miscast as the man no one could resist. Standouts in this film for me were Emma Griffiths Malin (Carol) as the mother everyone needs and Steven Webb (Angelo) who stole every scene he was in. A very powerful movie worth watching.

Ash D (ca) wrote: This is one of those films, where half of it is really, really good, and half of it is really really dull. It is defiantly worth a watch to make up your own mind, but I for one enjoyed it, despite finding it completely unrelatable.

Robina s (es) wrote: i loved karishma in this movie.

Greg W (es) wrote: kinda romantic comedy kinda romantic tragedy

Japhordan C (jp) wrote: Not good. A little disappointing. Norris in interesting when he's actually in the film. Fine, it's alright.

JERMAINE AKA KILLA (ru) wrote: this is a gangsta movie

Ken S (nl) wrote: Francis Ford Coppola had long dreamed of making a film based on the life and struggles of Preston Tucker, who dreamed big and attempted to take on the Big Three Automakers and build a car of the future. I think because he had dreamed up the project for so long and as it was really a labor of love, it happens to be one of Coppola's strongest films after his peak in the 1970s. Jeff Bridges is, as always, quite entertaining in the lead role of Preston Tucker, and with a supporting cast that includes Martin Landau and Elias Koteas, it is a thoroughly entertaining film. If you like Capra films or just a little whimsy of the American dream and the struggles to make them come true, then this is for you. Definitely entertaining and worth a look.

Christian H (ru) wrote: Great childhood movie!

Ian R (ca) wrote: Another 70's nihilistic movie with a downer ending and a existential tone. The first half is boring, but then it picks up.

Alonso A (de) wrote: It surely looks as someones first film. The script is somewhat satirical, but apart from that this movie lacks good actings, good humour and a character despiction.

Jack P (es) wrote: Amazing movie overall. But I wish there was a little more light and action. Give more backstory.