In hot water with the mob over an unpaid debt, a con man poses as a family friend in an affluent Pennsylvania suburb.

Fast-talking con man Kevin Franklin (Sinbad) is in over his head: He owes $50,000 to the mob, and they want to collect. In order to jump out of hot water, Kevin poses as a family friend in an affluent Pennsylvania suburb. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean B (us) wrote: This is one of those films where it's completely appropriate to use that most pompous of all phrases "simply delightful". Watch it and you'll see what I mean.

Kjetil H (ag) wrote: Heisan hoppsann. Nice og fin fin rockumentar eller punkomentar hehe!! Masse godbiter her Bad Brains, Black Flag; dead kennedys osv osv osv. HURRA

Sol H (us) wrote: A film that had a fantastic premise. Two film-makers work through pre-production on a film about an epidemic taking hold around the world and seem oblivious to what seems to be life immitating their art around them. Sadly, it completely saps the film of intrigue, fun, entertainment and intelligence by choosing to convey the premise as a series of incredibly dull still-camera sequences of people talking. Some of their discussions are reasonably entertaining in a sort of light radio-show way, but that's not enough to sustain a feature film. Especially not when 90% of the running time is just conversation that makes up utter tedium. Add to that, the pointless black and white and pretentious title logo that sits in the corner of the film for the entire run-time after the first 5 minutes or so and you've got a film that's trying far too hard to come across as intellectual when it's completely hollow. Lars Von Trier et all clearly had points to make, but the film doesn't succeed at making them. So yeah, a failiure of a film in pretty much every way. Sorry Lars. 3/10

Julie B (de) wrote: Another Pirate movie. "Swashbuckler" is a another pirate action movie, but a good one. You get to see a younger and thinner James Earl Jones. James Earl Jones is good playing Nick Debrett. But Robert Shaw does a good job of being Red Ned Lynch. Peter Boyle and Beau Bridges in and play the villians well. Avery Schreiber of "The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour" plays one of the pirates. "Swashbuckler" is a fun fill action movie. A fun movie to watch.

Tori S (nl) wrote: " I know it's crazy, but that's what they said about the wheel when it was first invented!" " It's like trying to stop a forest fire with a traffic light!" "Chief, the rocks are gonna come crashing through here like an avalanche over an anthill!" "Look at the dog - it's as hard as a piece of granite!" "But coffee is just flavored water!"

Soheil W (nl) wrote: Carell's performance was tight, plot massively boring

Spencer P (ag) wrote: Deftly blending the dark thrills with domestic life through magical eyes, this chapter of Harry Potter is beautifully filmed, funny and emotional, but occasionally overly somber.

Todd C (it) wrote: This film scared the beejesus out of me one chilly night back in 1988. The house was dark, and the biting wind outside made for the perfect setting. The ominous score that opens the film is a prize among soundtracks, done by Terry Plumeri. As a plane full of robbers end up in a condemned farm, they are brutally butchered by 3 scarecrows that have pulled themselves from their respective crosses and are looking for victims. These 3 creatures are elusive, rotting revenants protecting their land. I will give little away, as the film is worth seeing. The creep factor is often "off the charts" with eerie lighting, chilling sounds, and rather graphic death sequences. It is a film that does not compromise or disappoint. It holds a special place in fan's hearts, as it is so much better than what Hollywood calls "horror" there days!

Oj H (it) wrote: It starts... and it ends. And that's about it.Out of all the characters, Micheal Caine, and Peebles, are the only likable ones. Lorraine Gary is annoying as fuck. The shark you only see for a few moments in the entire film... and everything in it is preposterous.The affects were so terrible, the direction was among the worst I've ever seen, and the editing was short and choppy. One of het worst movies you can watch. And worst of all... it was fucking boring. You'll end up sitting through it for the 90min, and wonder... what the fuck did I even watch. Absolutely nothing is memorable... except how annoying Lorraine Garry is.