Housos vs. Authority

Housos vs. Authority

Franky and his best mate Dazza travel in a drug-laden campervan from the western outskirts of Sydney to Uluru so that Dazza's foul-mouthed girlfriend, Shazza, can be reunited with the dying mother she hasn't seen since she was three.

Shazza Jones is a die-hard resident of "Sunnyvale" the roughest, toughest, meanest area of Australia not yet rejuvenated by the Australian Government. Packed together inside this 'Hope-less... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lili L (es) wrote: Acting was good with stars like Francois Cluzet, Marion Cotillard & Jean Dujardin. Characters were often times infuriating.

Derek D (es) wrote: More Jesse Stone, this time in the 3rd go-round Stone is investigating the death of a 14-year old girl who "got around" and had a bad reputation around the community and even within her own family. At the same time, he's also investigating an older continuing domestic abuse case where the wife has just about had it with her drunk, abusive husband. The best one so far in my opinion.

Dragana D (gb) wrote: Loved to see what went through those knuckleheads! It is inconceivable: the idea, the ego, the manipulative power, the collective consciousness...Crazy! Just 50 years ago?! Must not forget, must learn from it!

Matthew A (au) wrote: Pretty good flick, for a chick flick... No spoilers, but had some funny moments, typical love story.... Worth the watch, and for that matter worth adding to the collection.

Your Gay Boyfriend (ru) wrote: Not as good as the original (Kiss the Girls) but it delivers. It has a good cast and a good story line. Not a real second seer but it's worth watching.

Desmond T (us) wrote: Deliberate, natural, and beautifully shot. A film where the plot (if you can call it that) is almost irrelevent, and the reward for patience is dialogue that seems unscripted and (for me anyways) the experience of witnessing a piece of simple but truthful lives in a remote Iranian village.

Ivan P (fr) wrote: Pretty slow and silly in parts, but when it gets good it is pretty funny... Not one of his best, esp when he is showing his stupid inventions, but still manages to get laughs like all stephen chow movies..

Jeff O (br) wrote: Favorite B-Movie of all time.

Sean D (gb) wrote: Extremely awkward coming-of-age film that has only recently resurfaced in the United States within the last 10 years. Contains a whole ton of offensive material but yet it's not offensive because of the way it is done and portrayed. Most importantly, the entire film is basically a fantasy, so it didn't actually happen. You tend to forget this because you get so wrapped up in the film, the immersion factor is very high. But if you can step out of the dream world, some things just don't make any sense and at times, you're constantly questioning whether the characters are immortal of sorts. Anyway, extremely weird film with no real plot, but a lot of fun, this would be a very interesting film to own.

Rolf S (it) wrote: Staute, kjekke amerikaner redder verden nok en gang. Veldig bra, men litt teatralsk som vanlig. Litt overlang.

Mike K (mx) wrote: Not very accurate, short comings make it difficult to watch. The best example is the poster that shows Sergeant York brandishing a German pistol (is also in the movie).

saman g (us) wrote: beautifully shot movie by schnabel - a feast for they eyes. great sound. every once in a while i hard times to understand some parts due to the very, very strong accent.

Alex J (ca) wrote: A great western movie that should not be taken to seriously with great performances from Estevez this movie is a great western showing some true and some fictional accounts of the Lincoln county War.