How Are You, Dad?

How Are You, Dad?

A father can have many different kinds of faces. Which one does your father have? This is a film of ten short stories, and each shows a different relationship between a father and his son. Each story reveals the complexity between fathers and sons.

A father can have many different kinds of faces. Which one does your father have? This is a film of ten short stories, and each shows a different relationship between a father and his son. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent P (gb) wrote: Kind of weaksauce. The ghost body-jumping is pretty arbitrary and doesn't make much sense when there's multiples of the same entity running around. And where was the security guard during the entirety of the climax? Considering he conveniently showed up every other time someone even thought of going into the asylum, with his golf cart parked just out front he managed to be MIA until the very last seconds of the movie proper. Did the actor walk off the set or..?Perhaps even worse than the plot holes, it constantly teases with opportunities for gore and T&A, then blue balls the audience. What a waste of an R rating.

Karen A (gb) wrote: Simple and beautiful, both actors did a great job and they were believable as a couple. Also, surprisingly you don't know what happens to their relationship until the very end, it's like a puzzle. I liked it.

Caleb E (jp) wrote: Worst movie I've ever seen.

Brett W (ca) wrote: True Stories is a heartwarming, genuine, sometimes abstract look at the change taking place in Texas (and US in general) during the mid-1980's. David Byrne plays himself (sort of) as the narrator who looks upon the fictional town of Virgil and its odd inhabitants with a sort of child-like wonder as they prepare for their "celebration of specialness" anniversary celebration. Incorporating music from their album of the same name the Talking Heads (Byrne mostly) take us on a wondrously bittersweet adventure that weaves through the extraordinarily ordinary lives of Virgil's town folk. More than just a snapshot of the particular time and place this film captures the essence of American optimism, those intangible dreams and vapid pursuits that we are so fortunate to be able to undertake.

Alex C (us) wrote: This is probably the most arid depiction of World War ll and the most gruesome and disturbing portrayal of the soldiers, particularly the Japanese, depicted in their most depressive state, contradictorily to what we've always seen in Hollywood epic portraits of the heroes of war. The purpose is, as the filmmaker said in an interview, to show the horror of war, which is shown greatly realistic to one's standard. But the result is far greater an impact. It's not just visually fascinating at large, but also comparatively more compelling from its moral perspective than any other war-themed films. The film is largely driven by the characters, who, at times are so incredibly surreal, make it hard to believe that you are watching a movie, not a war documentary. The vague climax at the end of the film contributes to its dream-like state, as the audience doesn't really aware thoroughly if Tamura approached the fires on the plain at one point before, or actually, after he met Nagamatsu. No one knows what really happens; whether the Nagamatsu incident was truly happens or was only a dream. Considering the nature of the film, I'd like to think such possibility. Besides, the film lays on much prone-for-discussion subject such as morality and fatalism, among other things. If Tamura surrendered to the Americans, he would not starve to the point of near-death. If Tamura has approached the farmers earlier, he'd probably be able to steal food. The more we look into the issues, the more we become entangled to bargain the character's life. The film's trying to be honest to its portrayal of the soldiers against any banality of political war-themed films, and it succeeds through the shaping of the characters.

Jenn M (us) wrote: It wasn't tacky like the Hercules movies, and although it was far too long, I did enjoy it. It seemed though that Yul and Gina far surpassed everyone else in terms of talent but there wasn't as much chemistry as I would have assumed, since Gina is so stunning. Not bad though.

Henry B (us) wrote: bland A&C movie. There are better movies for A&C to been seen in.

Ryan B (it) wrote: My favorite Marx Brothers film. From the college widow, who died 3 years later, to the songs to see how athletic the Marx Brothers really were (just kidding).... Taught me whatever it is, Im against it!

Aj V (ca) wrote: This is sort of an early werewolf movie, but there are so many other things going on that they don't get into that until half way through. The story is about these competing lumber companies. The owners and workers hate each other. One of them marries, and all the workers like his wife. One day he gets into an accident, and one of the other company's men finds him, and takes him to the doctor, but the guy doesn't want to help him. The doctor says he needs blood, the guy wont even do that, but he says he can have his pet wolf's blood. After that everyone thinks he's a freak. It sounds like a good story, but it's slow and the actors are bad. This movie could have been so much better.

Tyler S (gb) wrote: "Now how could you not be romantic about baseball."Sums up my review.

Bruce S (de) wrote: Interesting look at the impact of another stupid war. Penelope Cruz is great-always.

Anthony M (ru) wrote: Mou du genou mais a a un charme et un certains impact puis c'est de la SF de srie B comme on en fait plus...