How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

A father recounts to his children, through a series of flashbacks, the journey he and his four best friends took leading up to him meeting their mother.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:22 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English, Persian, Chinese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,   epic,   jealousy,  

A father recounts to his children| through a series of flashbacks| the journey he and his four best friends took leading up to him meeting their mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher I (ca) wrote: Cops shouldn't do what he does. But someone should.....

Nicholas L (au) wrote: If I have to listen the monotonous and lifeless reading of the dialog again, I am certainly going to puke. Not being fluent in English is not an excuse for having no emotion in speech. Although this is a made-for-tv movie, it is still superior than the French movie "Coco before Chanel" in many aspects. (which I had also reviewed) This version identifies who Coco Chanel really was by covering beyond her love life. Her clothes, her career, her design are all part of the Chanel legacy. Then there is the majestic Shirley MacLaine who is so charismatic and enigmatic that makes one yearns for her whenever she is absent.

Brittney S (jp) wrote: I have to say this is honestly one of the worst movies i've ever seen. Just terrible, i can't find anything good to say about it. Would not recommend this to anyone.

Charlene M (mx) wrote: this movie has been told before. boy likes girl. girl is sick ... blah blah blah. but it stars hottie freddie prinze jr., it's filmed in toronto and the soundtrack to the film is by the cdn. band STARS.

Joe H (br) wrote: Who is Alan Partridge? The character of a Conservative, middle-class, Middle England showbiz presenter, who reeks of narcissism and the leather from his driving gloves, was originally a one-note sketch during Steve Coogan's university revue years before evolving into the personality that Alan believed he should be. Alan is, for better or worse, the embodiment of the average Daily Mail reader: culturally misinformed, atrociously nave, and can recite the opening ten minutes of The Spy Who Loved Me by heart.No, but who is Alan Partridge? At the heart of him is Coogan himself, a comic actor who has received far more flack than he deserves. For every misfire Coogan has been involved in since the turn of the century, be it Around the World in 80 Days or Hamlet 2, he has returned with brilliant projects like A Cock and Bull Story or The Trip (screened as a film outside of the UK), as well as scene stealing roles in the Night at the Museum franchise and notably Tropic Thunder. But for his own pet project of Partridge, production has taken a decade: there have been talks of a "Alan goes global" story, a mission again al-Qaeda (sadly ill-timed with the 7/7 bombings), and finally something a little closer to home. And that is part of the magic of this film over other British character comedies such as Bean (aka The Ultimate Disaster Movie), keeping Alan Partridge completely grounded in his roots.Whereas a global story or terrorist attack story would have seen Alan going against a straightforward antagonist, the final product's force of evil is far more relevant. North Norfolk Digital, Alan's local radio station where he runs the Mid-Morning Matters show with Tim Key's superbly eager 'Sidekick' Simon, is being bought by the Gordale Media conglomerate, who wish to make cuts efficiently and without remorse. The threat of privatisation looms in the background over most of the comedy moments, with the cast communicating this wonderfully through disparaging looks of hopelessness rather than explicit dialogue. In that respect, the British attitude of little resistance plays for a downbeat tone, aside from two different reactions: Alan's complete lack of the situation, and his co-worker Pat Farrell's more violent reaction to hold the station hostage.From therein, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa will prove a divisive film for those who can handle their black comedies. If Armando Iannucci's In the Loop or Chris Morris' Four Lions left you cold, and they really shouldn't, then perhaps scenes of Simon's makeshift shotgun-holding helmet will not impress you. That however is the extreme of the film: from then on it plays across to a variety of palettes. Crude, physical humour, trademark one-liners, 80s action film references, and the subtlest of recurring sound gags (such as the nervous nasal bite) all play out expertly. Watching a bad comedy film entitles you to count the amount of laughs you emit; watching a funny comedy film doesn't give you time to count the laughs. Alpha Papa will not give you enough oxygen to count the amount of laughs. If you do not fall on the floor helpless laughing, you managed more than I did.The focus of the film rightly should be on the eponymous character himself, but there are segments which give a breath of fresh air. Alan's long-suffering assistant Lynn works wonders as his shy, moralistic side and, despite all of her punchlines referring back to Alan, provides some well needed juxtaposition to her occasionally insufferable boss. Colm Meaney's Pat Farrell is a believably justified antagonist, whose personal loss and anguish feel dramatic enough to be from the Die Hard canon, yet for some reason are in the middle, or should that be north, of Norfolk. Not much can be said of other characters aside from their status as running gags: the twenty-something, popular music DJ, the alcoholic divorcee trainwreck, or Nigel Lyndsay's slimy yet ruthless media boss. However these side-note characters never become caricatures and certainly do not detract from any of the hilarity. If there is a director's cut lurking about with more of them, this would be an improvement to the film rather than a criticism of the theatrical cut.Of course inevitably when a machine gun of jokes is going off, there will be some misses. The 'mangina' skit appears to come out of nowhere, a brief deluge into comic nudity when there is clearly a functional mining of wit throughout. Racial prejudices, in particular towards the Irish, are understandable in the case of Alan's psyche, but jar a little when bystanders of the public express them. Funny as the daydream segment is, it does seem tacked on to an otherwise well-structured plot driven by characters and plot. These are nitpicks, scraping the bottom of the barrel of what could be improved in an otherwise achingly funny cinematic exploit for the small town disc jockey.So, who is Alan Partridge? He's your new favourite comedy character with riotously outdated opinions, constantly teetering on the edge of inappropriate social etiquette, or more likely hanging onto the edge for dear life, and here displaying himself as a bastion for completely accidental heroics. He's your old classic comedy character from the 90s who never really left and is more relevant than ever, with corporations looming over the media empire, in an age where phone-hacking journalists are guaranteed jobs and the local DJs are left to pack their things. Or he's simply the star of the funniest film since Four Lions, the alpha papa of the 2010s comedy offerings. Worth seeking out.

Shayne J (br) wrote: It doesn't capture the same essence as the full length Napoleon Dynamite film does, but it is still a step in the right direction that spawned a masterpiece.

Kieran T (jp) wrote: WOW. Zhang Yimou is a God. Roger Ebert is a Cunt.

Don S (it) wrote: Well, I guess I didn't learn my lesson from my previous Jim Jarmusch film! Much like "Down By Law", this film is super slow and super boring. Like I said in my review for that film, "Maybe it's supposed to be some sort of "arty" film? Sheesh." Well, unlike "Down By Law", I was able to watch the whole disc. It really felt like it was just a bunch of scenes, separated by black screen and a jolt of Neil Young's guitar, very loosely framing a "story". This easily could have been an hour, hour and a quarter shorter and probably it would have been much better. As it is, the film is pretty, and if you don't really mind 2 hours of "arty", maybe you'll like it. Maybe....

Theresa J (jp) wrote: Good movie, good story.

Jordan L (kr) wrote: The addshion to the first I think it is better then the first ,if there is a third one I would not reconed it because it mybe be bad

Jenna I (au) wrote: Honestly not as bad as people say, no worse than the last couple Elvis films. Really on par with a bad episode of Star Trek, Buncha white people with afghan hounds and belly dresses... this movie should just take place in an alternate Middle Eastern/Moroccan inspired planet because there's nothing remotely arabic about it otherwise and that would make more sense.

Natalie B (mx) wrote: I loved every second of this.

Michael O (de) wrote: Classic silent film that fits among the ranks of the greats alongside "The Battleship Potemkin" and "Metropolis".

Tom S (nl) wrote: A compelling action and romance movie. Pitt's long hair seemed distracting, though. Julia O looked good on a horse!

WS W (ru) wrote: When Meryl 'Almighty' Streep was still a rookie who could barely act. Perhaps this film was made long long time ago, I find it kinda boring in narrative.