How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Two black college students, Perry and Stephanie, tell the story of their two-year romantic relationship.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

Two black college students, Perry and Stephanie, tell the story of their two-year romantic relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (es) wrote: I enjoyed this a lot more than I probably should have. Most likely because it's been a damn long time since I watched a ridiculous "spoof" movie & I needed the laughs. Sure they have a place somewhere in the spectrum of film but it's definitely not very high. They're mostly tiresome & leave a lot to be desired. Not to mention they're hard to take seriously when the jokes are always so crude & childish. But for a one-off laugh, this is good.

Salah A (nl) wrote: It's painfully generic.

Sean H (ca) wrote: Maybe Im a sucker for great cinematography...but I enjoyed this a lot more than the critics.

Joseph O (gb) wrote: One of my guilty pleasures and I usually don't really enjoy these types of movies. But the relationships of the characters are very believable and they all have really good commentary. I like how Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger and Larisa Oleynik all have somewhat equal amounts of screen time, and although one can use that as an excuse to call the movie unfocused, it feels appropriate here. I do like all the characters and I do like the character development and how the characters mature throughout the movie. It's refreshing. Great 90's teen movie, if not the quintessential.

mickey h (us) wrote: a very clever idea, a refreshing type of romantic comedy that's more thought-provoking that tear-provoking as many rom-coms endings are these days. I really like how the film looks at the idea of chance, but also holds onto the idea of fate + destiny.

Joel J (ag) wrote: With a few familiar faces (Rory Cochrane, etc.) and the same landscape as Dazed and Confused, this University of Texas Film School independent isn't a bad way to kill a few hours - though it is in no way great. In fact, it would be worth investigating as to which film came out first, this one or Natural Born Killers (released the same year). They are very comparable in that Bonnie and Clyde meet drugs and the trailer park sort of way. Gil Bellows and Rene Zellweger make for a pretty convincing couple - headstrong and full of piss and vinegar as they make the best of the hand that life has dealt them while narrowly avoiding the everpresent strong arm of the law. I think Cochrane's career peaked with Dazed and Confused, because his performance in this picture left something to be desired (annoying even). Zellwegger was believable enough, but it was Gil Bellows that really shined from start to finish as the modern renegade Texas outlaw. I truly held a soft spot for him through the entire film. Sure he held up small town convenient stores for a living, but he truly appeared to have a heart of gold (if that's possible). I wish I knew what happened to him. If Zellweger deserved a major Hollywood career after this, then Bellows certainly should have inherited the same honor. Peter Fonda's cameo was both spot on and hilarious. When in a drug movie is it not nice to get a glimpse of Fonda? The Reverend Horton Heat makes a most welcomed appearance as well, and the entire soundtrack is perfect (maybe the best aspect of the film). Love & a .45 is a good watch for a nineties fim historian of sorts, but I certainly wouldn't break my back trying to find a copy.

Patrick K (kr) wrote: Man, this movie, I don't know how to comprehend what I just watched. First of all, the people who made this movie must have been the biggest Rodney Dangerfields there is a little drum and cymbal after his jokes early on, and not only that all the characters laugh, a ton, when he makes a joke. Which is really awkward in animation. So the animation was average, no big deal but more importantly, this movie has songs in it.... sung by the characters...... especially the main character..... yea...... RODNEY DANGERFIELD SINGS! And none of that Rodney Raps stuff he actually sings, it isn't THAT bad, but it sucks, and the songs also suck. One thing that stuck out to me was the final line of the film, I won't say it hear but it's something truly perplexing. Yea I'm not talking about this one for long. If your a super fan of Dangerfield, check the first half of this movie out. Besides that I would suggest not seeing this one. However it is something interesting to know it's out there

Tom R (ag) wrote: I actually liked this film better than the first one, I thought it was more fun, and we learned more about the characters than we did in the first film.

Keenan T (ru) wrote: There is one reason to see this movie. 8 year old Fergie gets eaten by a monster.

Andrew B (de) wrote: As a b monster movie Humanoids shines thanks to the bizarreness of the film.

Joseph C (es) wrote: So, if you see yourself as a cinema connoisseur, then this one should definitely be on your list; in fact you've probably already seen it. If you like well done, well acted, beautifully shot films, then by all means, check it out. If you want an enjoyable movie experience, this is not it. It is not very long and ultimately, I'm glad I finally saw it, but no fun was had.