How Much Further

How Much Further

Esperanza and Tristeza both have to get to Cuenca. However, by an unlucky turn of events, the bus they are on gets delayed due to a worker strike. Taking their journey into their own hands, they decide to hitchhike to Cuenca. Along the way they meet interesting characters who help them re-evaluate the purpose of their journey.

Esperanza and Tristeza both have to get to Cuenca. However, by an unlucky turn of events, the bus they are on gets delayed due to a worker strike. Taking their journey into their own hands,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiger L (de) wrote: Extremely entertaining, original, intense, funny & action-packed. 8/10

Romil P (ca) wrote: Marvelous Vinay Pathak's movie...

Dr A (ca) wrote: This is evidence that even the eeriest of topics can be documented into a balanced piece which tries to give a voice to all parties involved in the subject matter. I'm not condoning this behavior at all, but fortunately it was made with such quality, above average quality and care, that it deserves very high marks.It's very well made documentary about an even more disturbing lifestyle... at least for those of us who are not into zoophilia, of course. Nevertheless, it's intended to cause an empathic reaction on the audience, although I can't say many people will feel any sympathy.I know it's difficult, but place your prejudice about sexual behavior, sit back, watch and listen... that's all it takes and come back with a very uncomfortable topic of conversation at your next friendly gathering.

Nureni L (fr) wrote: everyone should watch this. just a little insight into what "we" are doing to the "terrorists" we have in Guantanamo.

Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: 86%Watched this on 10/4/15After a long time I have seen a satisfying psychological thriller, that too from director Marc Forster who has made films like Finding Neverland, World War Z etc. You require a lot of patience watching Stay, it gives you a direct impression that everything that you see are pointless and senseless, but in fact they are all clues and you would have to watch till the end to find out what you are actually watching. Stay is a commendable mind boggling/ mind fuck film which has controlled performances. It's cinematography and visuals are unique and much of the film is explained and made sense by the cinematography it has.

Sam M (de) wrote: They KIlled the mother F**cking TREX

Vitor A (jp) wrote: Probably the bloodiest movie ever made! Lot's of fun (but NOT for all ages)

Chris M (kr) wrote: surprisingly entertaining.

Daniel P (us) wrote: A weirdly touching film

Paul D (fr) wrote: This is a great prison drama from the very early 80's! Some of it is supposedly based on real events, which makes it kind of cooler. Great acting from Robert Redford. Definitely worth watching at least once.

Tero H (jp) wrote: List of pluses and minuses:- some of the humour goes now well overboard + during the first fight, check out Eastwood's face when he gets hitten down. That is a mean Clint-look, almost worth watching the movie by itself.- although its nice to see a movie which continues right from where the previous movie finished, and ends differently, it seems to lack something. The plot could have been 'deeper' somehow, more purposeful. + the orangutan is back!- but the poop jokes are not that funny and the biker gang gets too big a part - even though their characters are funny, they are not believable in the least+ has some funny scenes and nice looking people- but also some unnecessarily stupid humour (in my taste)+ also has some cool fights- but builds up rather high in expectation of the last fight, which then doesn't turn out to be that great. Its not bad, but not what the film lets one expect either. All in all, not a bad film but has some unnecessary silly stuff that could have been replaced with better taste and more serious scenes. Some of the scenes are still funny though, one can't deny that.

Mayank A (ag) wrote: Went in expecting laughs on obnoxious idiots but it's a let down with little humor and wasted star cast.

Jayden J (de) wrote: ParaNorman is a fantastic film from the studio of Laika, with beautiful animation and a morbid, yet at the same time heartfelt, story to go along with it. The third act is a well-crafted spectacle with a mixture of stunning special effects and a heartwarming resolution.

nipp s (nl) wrote: Alright y'all if you have to watch a chick friendly flick and you've already shown her True Romance then you might as well settle for this one. It's not the best flick out there but it's got enough good jokes to keep you from hating it and enough mushy crap to keep her in the mood long enough to turn the tv off and get into the bedroom. So yeah, watch with a lady and keep expectations low.... for the movie, your expectations with the lady are going to depend on prior experiences and your looks. (I'd say "game", but lets face facts, game is just what good looking people say so it sounds like they had to try to get laid)

Glenn G (au) wrote: THE MESSINA COMPLEX - My Review of ALEX OF VENICE (3 Stars)Mary Elizabeth Winstead (SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, THE THING) has such a beguiling screen presence, a natural beauty who radiates intelligence and heartbreak with equal measure. She's in a league with Laura Linney, Debra Winger, and Jodie Foster, strong female actors whose faces are sometimes enough to keep you watching almost any movie they headline. Although ALEX OF VENICE is a fairly low stakes slice of life drama, Winstead and an incredible cast make for a pleasantly entertaining film experience. Making his feature directing debut is actor Chris Messina (THE MINDY PROJECT, ARGO), and his sun-dappled, naturalistic approach appears to pay homage to COMING HOME-era Hal Ashby. Alex is an environmental attorney whose house-husband (Messina) grows weary of their setup and leaves her with her son and ailing father (Don Johnson). Picking up the pieces, Alex must navigate an important case, family problems, and her own parental failings. Enter her loose cannon sister Lily (Katie Nehra, who co-wrote the screenplay with Jessica Goldberg and Justin Shilton) and Alex has her hands way too full. What follows is a sweet, charming, lovely film about figuring out how to navigate through a very complicated world. At times the story defies credibility, as when Alex strikes up a relationship with a defendant (a charming Derek Luke) she's prosecuting. I found it very hard to believe neither would discuss the conflict of interest or what would happen when one of them loses the case. This type of omission seems out of character for someone like Alex, who may stumble through life but who is clearly much smarter than that. Alex's dilemma is that she just needs to stop being so self-centered, care a bit more about her son (a terrific performance by Skylar Gaertner), and let go a little. She's your classically uptight character in a pencil skirt who's one hit of Ecstasy away from having more fun in her life. Providing said mood enhancer and winning an MVP award is Nehra. As a writer, she's given her actor self a great, scene-stealing part. The chemistry she shares with Winstead is so snappy and believable, and she's taken a stock character, the slutty sister, and given her such lovable shading, great humor, and unexpected depth. I look forward to watching Nehra blossom in her duel careers. Another revelation is Don Johnson, who finds the ache and panic behind his eyes as a father slowly losing control of his life. As a struggling actor cast in a local production of THE CHERRY ORCHARD and who can barely function in his daily life, Johnson is stunning. This role hits the sweet spot of an aging actor who still looks great but isn't getting MIAMI VICE attention anymore. It's easy to believe he knows where this character lives, and a Johnson career revival is right up there with PULP FICTION-era John Travolta or THE WRESTLER's Mickey Rourke.Technically, this is a beautiful film, with Doug Emmett's cinematography and Linda Sena's production design perfectly evoking Venice, CA in all its current beauty. This beach community has always felt a little trapped in the 70s, and ALEX OF VENICE harkens back to that era of small humanistic stories. Great close-ups of Winstead's face as she fights back tears, or Johnson's shifting eyes revealing his inner turmoil become the great takeaways. You may not remember what happens in this film, but you'll certainly recall how it made you feel.Side Note: At the screening I attended, Jane Fonda, who starred in THE NEWSROOM with Messina, very generously and professionally moderated the Q&A. Not only did she look great, but she had total control of the proceedings, never once allowing it to be about her, keeping the focus rightly on Messina and his film. Proving herself fully engaged with the material and current styles of filmmaking and storytelling, Fonda should be in charge of every Q&A from here on out. Everyone else, thanks for playing, but Jane's got it covered!

Mark A (gb) wrote: Very entertaining, and quite funny, treatment of a not so funny situation. Joseph (Eric Stoltz), Frank (Craig Sheffer), and Sarah (Meg Tilly) are three friends whose relationship gets complicated when Joseph and Sarah marry and Frank confesses his love for Sarah. The main story is a tragedy of the first order. What makes it funny are all the side stories going on with the supporting cast. And a talented cast it is. Pain and confusion drive the main story, while confusion and deep philosophical conversations (not) drive the underplot. Poker games with the boys, various house parties, dating carousels, and couples who clearly like each other populate the background upon which these two friends seek to sort out their feelings and how the friendship is to survive with Sarah now as the thing that stands between them. Bittersweet romantic comedy. Of special note, June Lockhart (Timmy's mom on Lassie before she was Lost in Space, BTW) as the mother-in-law from the planet Tedium and Quentin Tarantino as Sid are brilliant. Parker Posey and Joey Lauren Adams do a hilarious turn as wanna be country singers that is not to ne missed.